WOW, these graphics are INSANE!!! (Sonic 3D Blast) – Super Happy Fun Time Game Show


In this episode of Super Happy Fun Time Game Show, Teq, Cojac, and Wink travel back to 1996 to play the visually stunning masterpiece Sonic 3D Blast. The controls are really good too. It’s all soooo great.

Let us know what you want us to play next!

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Sonic 3D Blast, known in Europe as Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island, is a 1996 platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn. As Sonic the Hedgehog, the player embarks on a journey to save the Flickies, birds enslaved by Doctor Robotnik. The player must guide Sonic through a series of themed levels to collect Flickies and defeat Robotnik. Though it retains game mechanics from prior Sonic games, Sonic 3D Blast is differentiated by its isometric perspective, with pre-rendered 3D models converted into sprites.


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  1. Which version is this? For a Genesis game this looks surprisingly good. I think I played this on the Genesis back in the day and hanged on that giant ring not knowing what the hell I needed to do. I thought it was a collectable. I need to get this game and try it again. The music is familar even though I haven't played this in over 20 years. You forgot to say fuck fuck. Aren't Flickies a type of bird? Hey it's Kaknuckles! Sonic has been around for 29 years. That's older than I thought. How are the controls? GET THE FUCK OVER HERE! This game is different than I expected. That's probably why I had no idea how to play this. So I had to collect stuff then go to the giant ring. I was wondering if this game had bosses. You should play more of this game. GAMU OBER!


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