5 Benefits of Body Pump Sports Exercises for Women

Body pump class gym is one of the classes in the gym center where you do sports by maximizing the benefits of music. For example, gymnastics and aerobics. This body pump class already has many fans, because it can make a woman / man feel relaxed and calm.

And the body pump has become one of the most popular types of exercise in the gym world. That’s all because of the many benefits of the body pump.

This body pump class is very suitable as a sport choice for women. As the name implies, this exercise is useful for pumping your body, so that the muscles work. As a result, the body becomes firmer and not loose. In addition, by combining cardio training and lifting weights accompanied by music, it will create an atmosphere of enthusiasm for training.

The body pump gym or body pump weight is a type of exercise that uses heavy equipment accompanied by music. Body pump gym itself is the result of a combination of aerobic exercise with a barbell. And the movement of the body pump is very effective to burn 1000 calories per training session. And the rhythm of the music can also be useful to reduce fatigue and help you follow the movements of the gymnastics instructor.

For the duration of the body pump exercise, it is also not too long, just 1-2 hours per training session, including warm-up, core exercise and muscle building.

There are two types of body pump sports, namely the body pump class using weights such as barbells and dumbbells. For each person’s weight (barbell / dumbbell) is different.

But there is a suggestion for women beginners, start with a weight of 1-5 kg ​​first. So that over time, the weight of the exercise can be increased, so that the benefits of the body pump are more optimal.

Benefits of Body Pump Sports for the Women’s Body

  • Can strengthen the development of the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. So that a woman’s body looks tighter and fuller.
  • Make the body look attractive / sexy.
  • Able to enlarge breasts.
  • Can burn fat in the abdomen.
  • Can make the stomach flat and not distended.


Actually, you can do this body pump exercise yourself at home. But for those of you who are beginners and want to get maximum results, try to follow the body pump exercise at the gym location, so that you know the basic movements of this sport.


Do this sport if it has to be done 2-3 times a week, not too often because if this sport is done as a regular exercise, there will be a risk of muscle injury if not rested.

Another advantage of this exercise is that it uses weights with a small mass with high repetitions so that it makes the muscles denser. Many women do not want to get a body with prominent muscles when it comes to the gym. However, with this exercise they will be able to get an ideal body and solid muscles without the impression of a big body.

You will immediately feel the impact of the working thigh muscles. Over time, the body will feel hot, even though the gym training room is usually cold. At a moment like this, the muscles of the body begin to contract. If you don’t feel sweaty yet, don’t worry about the calories you haven’t burned. This is the exercise technique offered by the Body Pump workout.

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