Starting a Sport gym, What to Do First?

Those of you who have rarely or never exercised for a long time may be confused about where to start for the Gym.

Various Types of Fitness Equipment in the Gym and Their Benefits

Fitness equipment has many types, depending on their respective uses in our bodies. For those of you who are new to the world of fitness, stepping into the gym for the first time may feel like immersing yourself in an area with lots of fun sports equipment weirdCheck out an explanation of the various types of fitness equipment in the gym and their benefits here.

Body Balance Safe Benefits and Tips of Barbell Lifting Exercises for Beginners

Barbell lifting on Body Balance is one of the Strength training is commonly used to enlarge the arm muscles. Barbells come in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

Getting to know the Body Pump Practical Exercise with Fun Songs

Exercising while listening to music has become a trend in recent years. Many studies have proven that doing sports while listening to music can pump up enthusiasm and adrenaline. In addition, the music we hear during exercise is also believed to be able to make us relax and forget the fatigue that plagues the body. If you like exercising while listening to energetic music, you can try incorporating Body Pump exercises into your training pattern.