5 Types of Joint Fitness to Increase Flexibility

Have you ever felt tense and stiff muscles when stretching your body Fitness? Adam Rivadeneyra, MD, sports doctor at the Hoag Orthopedic Institute and Orthopedic Specialty Institute, California, states that stiff joints will make the body unable to move freely for activities. In fact, even moving will be painful. That’s a sign you need to move more so that the joints of the body become more flexible. What are the best types of joint exercise?

5 Benefits of Body Pump Sports Exercises for Women

Body pump class gym is one of the classes in the gym center where you do sports by maximizing the benefits of music. For example, gymnastics and aerobics. This body pump class already has many fans, because it can make a woman / man feel relaxed and calm.

7 Types of Warm Up You Need To Do Before Working Out Fitness

Before exercising Fitness, it is important for you to warm up. Warm-up movements will make you move more fluidly during exercise. That way, you avoid the risk of injury. What are the common types of pre-exercise warm-up? Here’s the explanation.

6 Easy Body Balance Exercises You Can Do at Home

Everyone agrees that exercise is important to maintain Body Balance fitness, to maintain ideal body weight. There are variety benefits of exercise, including to help you maintain a balanced body. So, what kind of exercise is useful as a balance exercise? Come on, see the following article to find the answer.