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This tutorial describes how you can increase the graphics performance of your Playstation 4 console easily. I’ll show you how to improve the video quality of your PS4 games making the video games look sharper, more vivid, better resolution, and better graphics in general.
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30 Replies to “Upgrade Your Playstation 4 Graphics for Free”

  1. You just changed the brightness b*tch and how the f*ck did you got 2 million subscribers with these fake videos

  2. I upgraded my cat to a dog, simply fed it with dog food, and plugged a flash drive and phone in his butt. Now his a dog and charges my phone for free lol.
    And if u plug an old toaster to an 4k TV, it becomes a CRT TV. If u want turn it back to 4k again, buy a new one, CRT TVs lack USB ports lol.

  3. I just don't understand… how could just plugging your phone into the PS4 give it better graphics, does it use the phone's GPU aside the PS4 imbeded one ???

  4. I did this and the graphics are so much better there better than the RTX2080 super graphics card thanks

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