UE4 Graphics Profiling: Measuring Performance


How to measure performance, pin-point bottlenecks and compare solutions in Unreal. Use console commands: stat fps, stat unitgraph, stat SceneRendering, stat gpu. Record profiling data as a graph.
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Thanks to early reviewers: Mikołaj Fabjański and Ch Hope.

Links and sources:
[1] “Optimizing and Profiling Games With Unreal Engine 4”:
[2] “UE4 – Overview of Static Mesh Optimization Options”:
[3] UE4 docs on GPU profiling:
[4] Stat commands’ output explained (for UE3):

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  1. Is there a way to check the memory usage of a specific object in a scene? I want to contrast two different oceans and see which one is less resource heavy.

  2. I don't get it.
    Yeah FPS is not interesting but getting the ms render ?
    I want the polycount of my scene and know what maximum I shouldn't exceed.

  3. I really appreciate these videos and the work you put on them!! they have a huge amount of interesting and crucial information that you gathered and explained very clear and neat, so again thank so much for saving us the pain!! Stay safe mate!!

  4. Hello, i have several problems in optimization. Your videos is very very amazing and very well explained, however i stuck on how do i implement it in my project. Can you help me? i sent you a private email, but we can go to discord if you like. Thank you very much!

  5. My englisch is not perfect but i understand it. Thank you so much for sharing this important things with us. Kind regards from germany

  6. @tech aid art
    Hey man, seeing your first language is probably Polish and your second is English you speak pretty well! Just wanted to let you know "thirty" is pronounced pretty much is it is. A "thh" sound "errr" and then a "tee". Thh-err-tee" You keep saying "furty". In the UK, some say it this way but have poor education. You clearly don't so im just helping you out, I know second languages are hard, and appreciate it when people point these things out to me! 😀

    Anyway, thanks for the video, was helpful ^^

  7. How about the memory usage for static mesh collision, Use Complex as Simple vs Default, is there really a big hit on using "Complex as Simple" for the collision on the mesh?

  8. Hi

    Urgent advice

    I have a landscape at 1 mile in length and fps at 5.6 fps

    I’m needing to get 120 fps in editor and in game

    It’s for a vr Project I’m working on any advice

  9. Thank a lot. I am working on optimizing an arch viz project from a powerful PC to Microsoft surface pro which only has an integrated video chip and it just suck, and its cpu sucks as well. Your video just help me with that.

  10. когда вы выложите asset по процедурной генерации зданий на свой сайт?

  11. Asking for total overview of making big scenes and "optimize perfomance tricks".A year ago I've started building an indie game, but i realy nervous: what if final scene will be unplayable because i made optimization mistakes, and i will need to rebuild the whole world from scratch?

  12. Hi, could you make a video about how to implement into UE 4 , NVIDIA FLEX, HAIR WORKS, NVIDIA physx for APEX, VXGI, in visual studio ?

  13. Great tutorial , i finally understood the difference between Draw and GPU in stat unit , btw is this grass free by community and shared if so i hope you provide the link to download it looks great ?
    One more question , if i have too many draw call will i get more "GPU time "or "Draw time " in stat unit ?
    And Draw call made by both CPU and GPU or only CPU ?

  14. This was amazing! I was just thinking about how the next tutorial series I need to watch needs to be how to do exactly this sort of performance analysis and eventually optimization! Pro tips, thank you so much! Looking forward to more 🙂


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