The Real Reason Why The Big Bang Theory Is Ending


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It feels like The Big Bang Theory has been topping the TV ratings since the beginning of time but it won’t be around for much longer. The sitcom juggernaut about a group of nerdy geniuses and their friend Penny debuted on CBS in 2007, and has only grown in popularity over the decade. It’s still massively successful as it heads into its twelfth season, which will make it the longest-running multi-camera comedy in American TV history. But the next season will also be its last. How could CBS let this happen? Here’s a look at the real reasons The Big Bang Theory is ending…

“Bazinga” means “I’m outta here” | 0:30
Chuck’s call | 1:17
Galecki going, too? | 1:55
Cost of doing business | 2:19
Time to go | 3:02
The Big Bangin’ future | 3:43

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  1. young sheldon sucks,,,,it was a mistake to stop…the big bang theory,,,is had the right chemistry,,,to be perfect…this does not mean,,the the actor will be successful in the other acting part major error…the same happened with star trek.. in 1968 until ,,,they realized there mistakes that they acting skills are that not greater than the part they play, spock= Leonard Nimoy was great because the part he made was greater than he was…that is a fact..

  2. I finished watching all seasons of this amazing show in just two months on Amazon prime. Had it not been for Amazon prime and Corona lockdown, I would have never come across such a beautiful show. Today I finished all the season, and I am feeling like a little part of my life is gone leaving memories behind.

  3. Our whole universe was in a hot dense state
    Then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started
    The earth began to cool
    The authotrops began to drool
    Neanderthals developed tools
    We build the wall
    We build the pyramids
    Math, science, history
    Unravelling the mysteries,
    That all started with the big bang…

  4. "Group of nerdy geniuses and their friend Penny"😁
    Reminded me of FRIENDS,where Ross said," A group of well educated adults and Joey" 😂

  5. Post Script: it didn't go out with a Big Bang …. the last season STUNK WORSE than the 11th Season, which was crap.

  6. I stopped watching it few seasons ago. Cos Sheldon character got really annoying. Always used people & has to be right. I stopped watching for awhile. Especially after one episode Sheldon made Leonard wear a itchy wool top cos of punishment that the DVD was late at the video store. Leonard's body was so red & that's when I stopped watching it. That actually pissed me & my family off. It wasn't funny & he wasn't being a true friend. The writers should've done more audience test, even done more loyal/fan audience test before going ahead with those episodes. As your characters grows, your fan base grows too. The writers and producers didn't see it like that. And that's why when I saw the last 2 episodes, I'm thinking is that it? He's actually still a annoying little shit at that age til the end! Could've finished it way better. The elevator was a nice touch but really want everyone else to sort of got what they want. Like even to find out Penny's last name & surprised us with twin babies or something would've been much better. And Raj find a hot celebrity wife or something.

  7. All things must end. I'm happy they ended it in a way that not most of us started hating it. The BBT "died a hero and not live long enough to become the villain" vibe. 😊

  8. Cant really blame Jim Parsons for leaving tho. Nothing will last for her and they've been there for many years. Gonna miss it but I'm glad we had the honor to watch it

  9. …314 episodes…which might be a stab at symbolically the mathematical pi, or 3.14…
    314 episodes on science nerds, and 3.14 is pi…get it?

  10. everyone i talk to agrees that TBBF ended when the writers decided to make them
    all get girlfriends, have kids and basically win at life.
    the whole premise of the show was a group of nerds and their awkward interactions with the "normal" world and their hot neighbour who was miles out of their league.

    i rewatch season 1 and i love it, when howard was sooo creepy that it'd have me in stitches laughing,
    and raj couldn't talk to girls, and leonard's attempts to flirt with penny were soooo awkward XD
    THAT was a good show.


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