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TAGS :- In this video I am going to show you the best mod of GTA 5 for Android. Many people ask me that how to download GTA 5 for Android and how to play GTA 5 on mobile. So first of all playing GTA 5 on mobile is not possible.

The size of game and requirements are so high. So to play GTA 5 game in Android there is no chance nowadays. So here is one way so that you can experience the graphics of GTA 5 on your mobile phone.

There are many mods of GTA 5 are available but some are high graphics modpack of GTA 5 and few are medium graphics mod of GTA 5. So that they can support low end device. But lots of ultra graphics mods of GTA 5 are available on mobile but they are for GTA San Andreas but this Ultra Graphics Game is not modpack of GTA san andreas.

This is apk of gta 5 it not require obb file for gta 5. This 80 mb gta 5 mod Really high graphics gta 5 mod in just 80 mb. This gta 5 mod is under development so it don’t have too many feature but the best 3d model of gta 5 including in this mod.

The mod of franklin of gta 5, it contain 3d character of franklin similar as gta 5 game. The graphically the mod is best. So Get Ready to download this gta 5 Mod for Android in low size only 80 mb.

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