Taika Waititi Shows Off His Nap Game | Surprise Showcase | Vanity Fair


‘Jojo Rabbit’ director Taika Waititi showcases his ability to sleep in a steamer trunk, on top of a piano, in a cocoon chair, on a bed of nails and while listening to death metal.

Watch as some of Hollywood’s biggest talents showcase a surprise skill! The cover stars of Vanity Fair’s 26th Hollywood Issue have more than a few tricks up their sleeves for our Surprise Showcase Theatre.

Check out the stars of the 2020 Hollywood Issue here:

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Taika Waititi Shows Off His Nap Game | Surprise Showcase | Vanity Fair

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  1. The way he wears his hat reminds me of a kid. Just put a propeller on the top. The way he dances in the beginning. He’s such a man child

  2. I used to fall asleep to death metal… but one day, instead of playing through my headphones, I was annoyed at my Mum, and played it at the same volume but on my stereo… and the next morning, my fish were dead.

  3. I hope he has good health and lives a long life giving the the World all his ideas in the art form he chooses.


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