Sims 2 Tutorial – How to Beautify Your Neighborhoods (Modern Graphics)


In this Sims 2 tutorial, I will show you one way to make your neighborhood more beautiful by installing an animated sky, sun and moon, skylines, default texture replacements, and tree replacement mods. **OPEN FOR MORE INFO**

I’ll show you where to download the files, how to install them, and how to use them in your game. I hope it helps you!

▶▶▶ Mods You Need for This Tutorial:

Please feel free to leave questions or comments if you have any issues modding your neighborhood.


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  1. When downloading the Cliff Texture Replacements, choose only one – Grey, Old, or Black. I downloaded all of them in this video, but you can only use one. Sorry about that! You will still need the beach, snow, and terrain replacements in addition to the single cliff texture.

  2. I've been struggling with how to place these skyboxes for ages..Your Tutorial really helped! Thanks!!! Quick question, Are the sun and moon placed in lot view or neighborhood view?
    thanks again!

  3. I never really noticed this before but now i found ur video i need this in my game cus i know it will bug me alot when i start up my game 😛 thank you!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing and doing these videos and lists, downloading these as we speak hope they'll all work beautifully really looking forward to the Sims 2 looking the best it can be ✌️🥰

  5. how I place things when in the camera mode? Because I cannot actually place lots, families or decorations when i'm there

  6. Thank you so much for this! I’ve just spent the afternoon installing TS2 and getting it all set up. I knew of some of these mods, but not all of them, so this list was super handy. ☺️

  7. I keep on coming back for this video like a hundred times. I keep on contemplating if I should also do this to my game considering that my laptop is for documents only. But still, I cant resist anymore and I sucessfully installed it (yay) although The water did not change. Its still the crappy blue water. May I know what did you use to have that kind of water? I would really appreciate it if you can notice this. Thank you and more power to your videos 🥰

  8. I swear by Loedus' (sp?) skies but I'm scared to download the sun/moon as well and to start messing with Skylines and stuff because I'm worried it'll tax my computer too much. Do they affect it much more than regular cc?

  9. i am so grateful to you, your video has been so helpful, thanks for your effort. it was so clear and easy with your tutorial! like and subscribe

  10. Hello guys so I have a question I downloaded only the sky content but it didn't work does that mean that I have to download everything she did till it works 🤔😥

  11. I came to your page because i just start playing sims 2 and i need a lot of tips to make my game fun and realistic as much i can… Also wanna know how to use the mod and cc in game lol 😂 so please guide meeeeeee ☺ thank you for the video 📹

  12. I have just followed your tutorial and I have a little issue, when I am in the neighborhood I can see the sky and the skyline, but when I go in the lot the skyline does not exist? It only shows the sky.. I am very confused, does anyone else have this issue?


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