Red Dead Redemption 2 vs Red Dead Redemption | Returning Characters Graphics Comparison


Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially out and there are several returning characters from the previous Red Dead Redemption game. I decided to compare a scene from both games to see how they progressed when it comes to graphics, dialogue, and their looks.
This video features Abigail Marston, Jack Marston, John Marston, Edgar Ross, Uncle, Bill Williamson, Dutch Van Der Linde, & Javier Escuella.

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  1. A lot of you wanted this so here is the comparison of Dutch's similar monologue from RDR 2 and RDR
    VIDEO —

  2. If they fully remake Red Dead 1 I have no idea how their going to do the dialogue after the prequel/sequel

  3. I love that Arthur says to Javier that he can't see Dutch hiding in a cave for the last of his life and that's exactly how John finds him.

  4. so basically rdr2 is the same as the first but in different locations? my main question is that why is jack older in the first one and younger in rdr2?

  5. Apart from appearing to be on steroids, John's jaw is much more pronounced in Rdr2, he seems like another character … Jack's nose is not the same, nor is his voice.

  6. Dutch’s voice is so hard to replicate, people have done pretty good impressions but there’s always something just off about it.

  7. After Arthur, Uncle is my favorite character. Everything he says is hilarious. When he mooned the Reverend I couldn't stop laughing.

  8. Well I ain’t got regrets for Dutch or bill cause they brought it to themselves but Javier has done nothing to John or Arthur and was always there for everyone in rdr2. He joined Dutch in the end but you can’t blame him for that because the times were hard and all needed a leader. Even when Dutch started going crazy Javier cared for him the most among the others who didn’t even want to notice that

    P.S: there even are some details to prove my point. During the final confrontation, when the gang aimed at Arthur and John, Javier just came aside to Dutch and had his gun pointing to the side. And in the first rdr when John came to kill him, Javier didn’t shoot back like bill or Dutch and just tried to get away. Even in the end he didn’t want to hurt his brother

  9. Honestly when i played rdr2 i couldnt believe how much i wouldve cared about EVERY DAMN SINGLE ONE of these character especially javier and dutch definitely made me think differently about them and in a way taught me so much about how life is nothing at all too far from what they depicted in rdr1 and 2…. Made me love the 1st one 100x more

  10. John Marston’s voice sounds a lot more strained in Rdr2, kinda like he’s always horse from yelling, no pun intended

  11. Funny thing. I actually played Red Dead Redemption 2 first, before doing the original. So I ended up playing them in the correct chronological order.

  12. Dutch: I've got a plan.
    John: Dutch,you've always got a plan!
    Dutch: you'll like this one.
    John: where have I heard that from.

  13. In RDR1, Fordham asks John “what made Dutch go crazy?”, to which John replies “bastards like you”, in reference to Micah Bell and his men


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