Penn & Teller Fool Us – S07 – E03 (The Home Game)


Magicians get a chance to perform tricks in front of an American comedian duo, Penn and Teller. The magicians win an award if the duo fails in their attempt to decode their tricks.

First episode date: January 7, 2011
Production location(s): London (season 1); Las Vegas (season 2–present)
Presented by: Jonathan Ross (seasons 1–2), Alyson Hannigan (season 3–)
Networks: The CW, ITV, STV, UTV, ITV HD
Nominations: Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Structured Reality Series
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  1. I can’t believe the coin one fooled them. It is very easy to feel what a coin’s face is, and I’m sure it was easy to flip it if his chosen guy guessed wrong. I’ve done it with a quarter for quite some time.

  2. 6:30 you can tell that there are several penn and teller cards in this particular pile. Just like they hinted "several decks" "memorized"

  3. @24:09 audiance member chosen finally cheated, he was part of trick, that he will stand up till last whatever the coin comes.


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