Minecraft 360: Ender Pearl Nether Glitch / Bug (1.0.1 Update)


Mushroom Biome And Mooshrooms?

Whats all new in 1.0.1?

Snow Golem’s:

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  1. Bring dirt, bone meal, and saplings. If you put the saplings in dirt on the top layer and bone meal it, then do the same again under the first tree, the second tree will replace the bedrock and you can get back in.

  2. do the glowstone glitch get a 1pistion 1 glowstone 1 lever 6 redstone 1 repeater and dig two blocks down dig 2 blocks sideways pit a piston on the 2 block behind the pistion put a repeater then connect them with restone then put a lever and go in side the 2 block down and hit the lever and there you go

  3. After you get on top of it, go to the edge of the world. Throw an ender pearl on the corner if the black. You can then travel up amd down the side of the nether 😀

  4. duck if your in a mine you can wall breach through all thematerials and you will get to surface also you can save and exit and minecraft will auto put you into the spawn point of the map learned that glitch along time ago with boats

  5. i love my world on xbox it has a mushroom island and like 4 villages and i have like 8 blocks of diamonds. The only bad thing about my world is that there is no nether fortress):

  6. Duck if u throw a bunch of ender pearls while u are going through the nether portal u will fall into the nether void or a void whatever and I thinks its a bug

  7. If you throw a. Ender pearl as you go thru the portal it can put you in a,random spot one the map or the land disapears


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