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33 Replies to “Jong Kook's Father Removes the Name Tag off His Running Man T-shirt [My Little Old Boy Ep 81]”

  1. Where can i find full episode? At kocowa all the highlight only… I need to watch full episode… Many things that i learned from JK words is motivated.

  2. Wait wait wait…kjk sick?? Is that IV drip?? Sorry haven't watch this show yet….what episode is this??

  3. Kim Jong Kook's dad is just like my dad… So like my dad…. Like everything he said is like a reflection of what my dad is. Haaaaa sigh

  4. Only kim joong kooks's father can remove his nametag so easily while the other running man members have to fight for it 😅

  5. I really want to hug him 🙂 how can parent has a great son like him !! Every words from him move me a lot

  6. No doubt to many out there, Jong Kook is a great catch…. But, with a frugal personality, obsessed with gym and a father who is unbelievably Scrooge-ing…. Not gonna be smooth sailing for his future wife… His mom is wonderful but you won't want to always come after the mother-in-law….only a personal opinion 🤭

  7. I got emotional and everything with the parents talk then I noticed the blurred (censored)part. Umum😏

  8. older people don't really like to travel much. they get tired they need rest they get hot their joints ache. old people and young children just like to relax at home or go to the park lol

  9. Just a reminder : Lee Kwang Soo is dating Lee Sun Bin for 5 Months.

    Please Kim Jong Kook marry Song Jihyo.!

  10. Not gonna lie I thought he had a single mom. Like he had no dad. I hope there is a running man that take place on parents day and they bring out one parent

  11. Dad: Rips name tag

    Lol just kidding, hope he gets well soon.

  12. omg our dad is like that tho..hes a hardworking man he doesnt want anyone to disturb him or tell him to go somewhere and have fun with his children tho lol..but I still Love him no matter what

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