IU Almost Dr0wned From An Accjdent On “Running Man”


In a radio show, IU revealed she has a deep fear of water, and she explained how it all started…
She explained that it happened while filming Running Man, where she fell from a diving board into a deep pool…

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  1. Now i know why she said that she is scared of water on one of the episodes of Hyori's B&B Season 1 when she is at the beach

  2. How could you not know you can swim or not? btw many guest are shock after experince how hard and exhausted RM are. And they really respect RM members tht stay for tht long doing so.many phsically games.😌 stop please stop jugding the show

  3. This caused by IU doesn't know that I can't swim in the pool.
    I read the news So I see that Running man is not wrong and IU is not wrong.

    The absence of IU to appear on a running man program because she knew she was inappropriate And you are already famous

  4. Well this was the early days of RM their games back then is too extreme than today games and a a lot happen BTS of RM even Gary hyung have stitches because of the Name Tag Elimination

  5. This happened to me too as a seawoman, we have to undergo trainings of jumping on the waters with depth you cant imagine..we even have lifevest so i was sure im not gonna drown..it gave me courage to jump but i still almost drowned though…the water's impact was just so intense you will almost hit the bottom of the pool and it took time for the lifevest to finally do its purpose you almost drank a lot of pool water by that time..then i had to act i was ok just to pass the test after..i think that incident started my fear of deep waters too..still i worked on a ship though..i had too..😁

  6. I doubt this is the reason why IU doesn't appear on RM anymore like some people speculate. I'm sure if IU wants to or can be in RM, the staff would definitely accommodate her requests. Back then IU was a rising star, now she's a super star. I doubt she has the time or the need to do much promotion on variety shows anymore.

  7. My leg started to cramp as I was doing laps in the deep end of my pool once and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced

  8. She thinks she can swim?? Did she swim before this? If not, how can you think you can swim if you hadn’t tried it? But I’m quite sure she has swum before, I guess. Dunno

  9. People who never swam in a pool before really should not think that they can swim. Swimming is a difficult thing to learn that gets extremely easy the more people get used to it to the extent that it can be taken for granted.

  10. I did swim for over 3years when i was young then i stopped last year when we went to the beach i was like oh yeah i can swim i used to do it so easily in a pool then i jumped i almost died bcs i thought i can swim so i drunk all the water and i got it in my eyes and nose 💔but now if i go to the beach i will never go in

  11. I can swim in beach but I don't know why I can't in swimming pool. Thats actually true its easier to float in sea but not on pool


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