Fortnite Graphics Settings Guide and PC Performance Tips


Anti-aliasing, shadows, post-processing; how do those options effect Fortnite? We show you the optimal settings and which ones make the biggest impact.

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  1. Thx for the informative vid.

    I put my headphones on my keyboard and it's stuffed up my visual settings and even pressing settings with controller is stuffed.
    Do you how to fix this?
    On pc.

  2. I think I’m mistaking my graphics card being bad, I just plugged the HDMI into the motherboard instead of the gpu

  3. I have an i5 2400 ,8 gigs of ram and an Nvidia Geforce 9500 GT and i can get only 30-40 fps on the lowest settings… im so mad about it and i dont know why…

  4. How can I change these settings because the settings menu has changed and also I’m on ps4 so can you even change it on ps4?

  5. So 1920 x 1080 With FullScreen and 1920 X 1080 Resolution
    View Distance :Far
    Shadows: OFF
    Anti Aliasing:OFF
    Textures:Maybe a Medium
    Effects: Medium
    And Post Processing : Medium or Low

  6. someone help me. i use an intel core i5 3.10ghz, 8gb ram, and a 4gb inno3d gtx 1050 ti but i can barely run 60fps. it keeps stuttering, and at fights it always goes down to 30-40. i have textures and view distance at high but everything else is low/off

  7. I have all my graphics to the lowest settings and I still can only get 30 FPS at max. Can someone please help?

  8. mines must be the worst because i don't see houses or grass i see a void of shit the sky is black the ground is black its like im in limbo and its bullshit that im so unlucky compared to so many others i downloaded this on pc in season 2 and couldn't get it to work

  9. i have intel i5 5200u 2,2ghz 4gb ram and amd r5 m330 2gb i got 40 fps on low but the game is stuttering any solution ?????

  10. I have to put on low graphics and non-full screen mode on if I want to get 25 FPS.

    I need a graphics card I know.

  11. I'm happy enough to even see one building in fortnite my fps is always at 9. Something and my ping is always sky high im happy if I can even shoot a gun in the game my xbox one broke so I returned it and I can't find one that is cheaper than the one I bought if I buy it from Amazon it will probably be broken again and if I buy a working one from Microsoft I need to pay 60 more dollars THATS ALOT MONEY plus I need Xbox live and WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT COSTS MONEY god damnit why does every good game have to be pay to play

  12. Someone help me please my fortnite looks so doo doo and idk how to fix it I’ve literally looked at so many videos on how to at this point im willing to buy a new moniter

  13. Can you say the game settings for
    GPU:Nvidia Geforce 820M
    Processor:Intel core i5 1.7Ghz
    RAM:4 GB

    Iam only able to run at a maximum of 65 FPS.But still it keeps dropping especially during gunfights

  14. Thank you so much! This one dude told me turning my 3D Resolution all the way down would bring me up to 200 FPS. But you know what it did? IT JUST MADE MY GAME FRICKIN BLURRY. This helped me a lot. Thank you!

  15. Hi need some help with settings i have got a new PC it has a

    core I5-8400 8gb, Gtx 1050Ti 4gb, 1Tb sshd.

    What graffics should i get with this on fortnite? And if i use a tv as monitor does that effect the fps and graffics or the internet Can that effect that as well. And does it damage the PC if i run with higher settings then it reccomend or what effects does it have

  16. the fuck youi mean since it hopped on the craze? besides pubg and H1Z1 its basically the one which started the craze


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