Football Manager 2020 – How to change save folder and graphics folder in fm20


The string you need is: –user_data_location=”path”

Since a few versions ago of Football Manager they have for some strange reason removed the option to change the fm20 folder and drive on your computer where games is saved and where you put any external graphic that you might wanna use like face packs and logo packs.

You can still change it from outside Football Manager 2020, this tutorial will show you how.

This guide will also show you where to find your fm20 graphic folder, the Football Manager 2020 graphics folder location and where to find your fm20 save folder, fm20 save folder location.

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How to get graphics in FM20:
Player faces:
Match kits:

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  1. Hello, I just got the game with Xbox Gamepass for PC. This option isn't available. Do you know of a way to change the location for game pass?

  2. It doesn't matter where you load your saves from right? I mean I could leave my saves on my C drive but just point to the path when loading save? Cause I have a quite slow hard drive and a small SSD so I want graphics on the hard drive and saves on SSD

  3. I made a windows reinstall. Saved my sports interactive folder with all my mods, leagues saves, etc. Can get FM to recognize the "new" data folder. I'm just getting vanilla fm 20

  4. Thanks for this video! On my PC the logos, faces etc wouldn't load into FM because the documents folder is on Onedrive by default. After creating my own documents folder and removing the stupid Onedrive, FM wouldn't start at all but this fixed it 🙂


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