Football Manager 2019 – How to change save folder and graphics folder in fm19


The string you need is: –user_data_location=”path”

Since a few versions ago of Football Manager they have for some strange reason removed the option to change the fm19 folder and drive on your computer where games is saved and where you put any external graphic that you might wanna use like face packs and logo packs.

You can still change it from outside FM19, this tutorial will show you how.

This guide will also show you where to find your fm19 graphic folder, the fm19 graphics folder location and where to find your fm19 save folder, fm19 save folder location.

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How to get graphics in FM19:
Player faces:
Match kits:

Football Manager series
FM18 – AC Milan:
FM17 – Manchester United:
FM17 – Clyde F.C:
FM16 – Liverpool:


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  1. I try to play with xbox game pass (pc) how i do this if i use other launcer from microsoft ? football manager is now in list with free games from game pass for pc

  2. could someone please help me the graphics side of this game. I have a good spec pc with a radeon 7900 hd. The game runs great until I actually play a game. It doesn't matter whether i'm in 2d mode of 3d match mode I have my players as squares. not dots with the names and colours of the shirts etc. I have never experienced this with any of the previous FM's until this one. plus my pc shows 5 stars for graphics and I have tried deleting the game and re-downloading, updating my graphics card software to the latest version to no avail.

  3. I go to documents, sports interactive, football manager 19 and then there is no graphics folder anybody help 😒


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