BOOST Oculus Quest Graphics When Using Oculus Link


With the latest Oculus Quest update and Oculus Desktop update you can now improve the visual quality of VR games on Oculus Quest when used with Oculus Link . In this video guide, I show you how to tweak the settings to boost the Oculus Quest graphics when using Oculus Link to make virtual reality games and apps look even better…

01:33 – Oculus Link Updates & Setup
02:15 – Oculus Link Oculus Debug Tool
02:53 – Oculus Link Best Settings
03:43 – Oculus Link Performance HUD
04:25 – Oculus Link Games Testing
05:28 – Oculus Link Conclusion
06:07 – Oculus Link Wrapup & Final Thoughts

You can order the Oculus Quest here (affiliate link);
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You can order the official Oculus Link cable here;

These are the third party Oculus Link cables I’m currently using to make a 5m cable (affiliate link);
3m Oculus recommended Anker cable;
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Ugreen Extension Cable;
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Here’s the original post from Volga Aksoy on the Official Oculus Forums detailing the tweaks;

Let me know what you think of these Oculus Quest tweaks in the comments below, did they work for you? Did you see an increase in visual quality using Oculus Link? Did it affect your VR performance?

Thanks for watching []-)

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  1. Anyone else not able to use link because they have a Nvidia GTX 1060 that makes the screen go black for a second then returns to home?

  2. does dynamic bones work when you plug in an oculus link to a decent pc? my avatar didn’t work on the quest but it does on my desktop version. will this cable fix that? i have a gtx 1080 graphics card and 3.0 usb slot

  3. as fast as i close down the oculus debug tool and restart oculus the debug tool says 0 on the pixel per eye setting even tho i changed it

  4. Is anyone else having trouble trying to hear videos through oculus link? I try using internet explorer and can’t seem to hear YouTube videos

  5. Wait, if you have a GTX 1060, can you do the same settings as a 1070, or do they NEED to be completely different?

  6. If I change settings in Oculud Debug Tool, should I have SteamVR in 100%? I think they boost each other instead of overwriting each other?

  7. is the Debug Tool still usefull ? I feel like it does absolutely nothing … Ive even tried lowering Pixel Density to 0.6 to see if anything gets worse, but nothing happened. Did something changed ? Is Link now streaming with the best possible quality ?

  8. I know this video is a bit old now, but I have the GTX 960. would I use the same settings as shown for the GTX 970?


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