100% Disk Usage 10 Tips for Windows 10


100% Disk Usage 10 Tips for Windows 10

Today I’m going to share 10 tips that I use on a daily basis to solve 100% Disk Usage problems in Windows 10.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:47 (1) Run Disk Check
2:10 (2) Reset Virtual Memory
4:10 (3) Disable Windows Search
5:35 (4) Disable Superfetch
6:55 (5) Disable DiagTrak
7:39 (6) High Performance Mode
8:27 (7) Disable Chrome Prefetch
9:04 (8) Update Windows
10:05 (9) PCI – Express Bug
13:06 (10) SATA Drivers
20:47 Additional Tips

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  1. scanning and repairing my laptop totally broke it :// it won’t even start now and gets stuck in the startup or gets stuck in a black screen after the automatic repair.

  2. Not really sure which tip actually fixed my 100% headache but I finally got it with the help of your video. Thank you for taking the time to make it and share it for guys like me who like to fix things on our own and hate to spend money we don't have.

  3. what do i do if my laptop doesent give me enough time to do any of the methods? it makes it so bad that i cant even do anything on it please help

  4. alright, I followed all those 10 tips, unfortunately the issue was still there. I spent quite a while trying to turn off and on some services, and finally, I figured out it's the TechSmith Uploader Service which occupied 100% of the disk usage.

  5. I cant find the SATA operation in the system configuration when i took bios menu. Im using Hp pavilion 15 cs1052tx
    Please help..!!

  6. the update also fixed my RAM
    I don't know if this will help you but it helped me a lot
    uninstall 3rd party anti-virus


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