【FULL】中韩跑男上演巅峰对决 跑男团韩国之旅撕名牌《奔跑吧兄弟1》Running Man S1 EP5 20141107 [浙江卫视官方HD]


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【FULL】中韩跑男上演巅峰对决 跑男团韩国之旅撕名牌《奔跑吧兄弟1》Running Man S1 EP5 20141107 [浙江卫视官方HD]

《奔跑吧兄弟第一季》是浙江卫视引进韩版《Running Man》推出的大型户外竞技真人秀节目,由浙江卫视和韩版《Running Man》制作团队韩国SBS联合制作。第一季节目共15期加一起特别版,将于2014年10月10日21:10播出。


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  1. I’m still confused at this episode though HAHAHAHA i think the small nametag should be on RMK and not on RMC. RMK are the guest tho. i also hope about jihyo eliminate a member but still, congrats to everyone. fighting!

  2. As a Chinese, I actully feels embressed when I saw 1:00:25 vs 1:20:41.
    It is not about who wins the game, its about how the winners from different countries deal with the name cards of their oppnents' differently.
    I don't like the way 邓超 celebrating his winning by rising 刘在石's name card up high in the air.
    And I can tell what 邓超 did makes 刘在石 uncomfortable at that moment.
    Basiclly I don't see any sign of entertainment traning or culture from Chinese actors.
    For the Chinese guys, they care about winning the game more than doing a good show.
    That's why I'm not watching RMC after watching this episode.

  3. kwangsoo's elimination i still can take the benefit of the doubt and say it's his own fault lol like chenhe's but jihyo's is really unfair because they promised 1 vs 1 and jihyo was still answering angelababy's questions and clearly the girls didn't even fight yet😂 but it's a game anyways they're still friends and both shows are great so lol

  4. 最后baby不管遇到谁都一定会输的…..韩国人对于团队荣誉…不要看做娱乐节目….是真的拼!已经很给面子了…撕到最后一刻

  5. baby真的…人气太高了….节目效果一方面,看大巴时候其实就感到了大巴…地铁站…都有baby的广告代言

  6. Gary hidden talent he can beat kjk but gary always play around , jae suk is also strong but yeah he always play around too


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