Body Pump

5 Benefits of Body Pump Sports Exercises for Women

Body pump class gym is one of the classes in the gym center where you do sports by maximizing the benefits of music. For example, gymnastics and aerobics. This body pump class already has many fans, because it can make a woman / man feel relaxed and calm.

Getting to know the Body Pump Practical Exercise with Fun Songs

Exercising while listening to music has become a trend in recent years. Many studies have proven that doing sports while listening to music can pump up enthusiasm and adrenaline. In addition, the music we hear during exercise is also believed to be able to make us relax and forget the fatigue that plagues the body. If you like exercising while listening to energetic music, you can try incorporating Body Pump exercises into your training pattern.

7 Body Pump Exercises to Build Abdominal Muscles to Lean and Six Pack

Building abdominal muscles is not as easy Body Pump as shaping other body parts. Stomach fat must be burned if a six-pack is to be achieved. Therefore, it is important for you to do abdominal muscle exercises which also help burn belly fat.