YouTube Music takes over: Google Play Music transfer tool is out


You can finally transfer all your settings, likes, recommendations, taste profiles and everything else from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Here’s how it works, and how it went for Iyaz — who’s been using Google Play Music since 2014 — when he tried it himself.

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  1. FAQ on the move (answers directly from Google)
    Q: Can you bring your purchased music from GPM to YTM?
    A: Yes

    Q: Can you still download your purchases in MP3, 320 Kbps in a web browser?
    A: You can still do this from GPM, but for YTM the only option at the moment is to export all your purchases

    Q: Can you play YTM in the background without a premium charge?
    A: On smart speaker devices you can, but not currently on mobile devices.

    Q: Does it mix the thumbs up playlists from both together?
    A: Yes

    Q: Will YTM "spam our music with commercials and ads in between songs?"
    A: The YTM free tier does have ads in between songs, but if you are playing your uploads and purchases they will be played ad free

    Q: Will YTM bring back play counts?
    A: No plans for that.

  2. I like to just buy songs or albums I like. I am not going to pay a monthly subscription! Am I screwed? Other options?

  3. I have asked this question a couple of times and can't get an answer. I get all of my cd's from the library and put them on ITunes. I then put them on google play manager so I could listen on my phone. I did the transfer and that worked fine. How ever if I get more cd's how do I get the on the you tube music app One other thing. I was listening to an album. (not part of my collection) When the screen goes dark the music stops. What is with that? Any one else have that problem.

  4. I used to change genres on my tunes so that I could have giant 20,000 song playlists – but now I can't! Plus I can't shuffle my uploads and my streaming songs together -what is that? I might have to move over to spotify so at least I'd have 10,000 songs in a playlist. This stinks!

  5. Do you want to find, play music sourced from Youtube and create personal playlists, try to use Teatube? TeaTube is the best Youtube music app i ever have used.

  6. Missing a lot of info like how YTM differs from GPM for free users – basically, YTM is useless unless you pay the subscription.

  7. I have 40000 songs uploaded to Google Play music. The transfer to be fair was hassle free and took about two days. For uploaded music however Youtube music itself is awful, its so slow going through my library and there are no info edit or download options. There is no genre view, no album artist view and when viewing my artists it loads a page at a time so i have to scroll and wait and scroll wait and scroll and wait and scroll and wait ……….

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  9. I hate the idea of being forced into a paid subscription(YTMusic) to listen to the music I purchased, either in the background, over other apps and or through blu tooth. Please keep Google play music alive.

  10. How do I play YouTube Music while my phone is locked in my pocket? I did this on the free version of Google Play Music with ads. Am I being forced to pay for premium? WTF!?

  11. I legitimately don't have the transfer button. I paused this video and am comparing it side by side with my settings. Perhaps I'll get an update soon? Either way I believe I'm going to invest in a good MP3 player if those even exist anymore…

  12. I just did the transfer.
    My biggest issue is the way that your uploads are treated. It won't group it into albums, as it did with "In My Library" on Google Play Music. You're just presented with all the songs by that artist.
    That's just one of the first things I've really noticed.

  13. Now i cannot search my library for songs I want to hear. It only allows searching googles library. How am I supposed to find the songs I like when i have 6,000 uploads??

  14. Having to pay ten dollars a month to listen to our personal collection, or forced to watch commercials while not able to play in the background? That's some downgrade. Additionally we can no longer update the metadata of our files, and there is no more download link, in the event you want to transfer your purchased music to a local drive. I'm better off buying a Bluetooth MP3 player.

  15. I'm afraid. I have 15,000 songs in my google play library and google may screw it up. Another project in the Google Graveyard.

  16. I just transferred my playlist from Google Play to Youtube. However I find that I cannot drag and hold to play the songs in the order I want. Is there a way to do this. I don't want it to shuffle.

  17. Another thing to add:
    Go back to CDs. 192kbps MP3s, more than enough. Big ol' collection. No DRM. Put it on anything you want. Rip them, store them to the cloud, etc yada yada yada. A lot more flexibility. You lose some simplicity and it's not something for 40+ types will want to bother with, but you'll have a lot more flexibility and, you actually own the physical medium.

  18. I have some music on I tunes that didn't transfer to google play. I do I put that music on you tube music

  19. GPM looks and works the same on the mobile app as it does on the web browser (which I frequently use while working). YTM is ok on the mobile app, but the web browser version is trash. You lose all control over how to view and listen to your playlists. I hope they fix/update it soon or I'm out.

  20. In comparison to Play Music, this app misses a lot of functions and features. The home screen is not customizable. Deleting a playlist also deletes the playlist from your youtube channel, there's no way to hide a playlist in the music library. Saving a queue or station as a playlists isn't possible, unacceptable. Sorting a playlist by recently played isn't possible. No way to change the language! No notice when a duplication is added. Overal good app. The lack of features is unacceptable.

  21. Can't transfer to a brand account – what could the reason possibly be to block brand accounts? Switching to Amazon.

  22. They should've just done an update. Sounds like they just want to have an excuse to make you lose music if you're not currently having time to jack with it all. Why should i have to do a single thing to get it transferred. Should just log in and be there. For some reason, probably on purpose, i can't seem to log into whatever account i want as i have 2 accounts and the YouTube music logged into an account I haven't used in a long time by itself and don't want to change.

  23. My library from google play only appears under "uploads" which is annoying and it seems that you can not search only on your library anymore it will always make a full youtube search, which sucks … let's say you want to play an album called Citizen of Glass. In PlayMusic I only have to type "ci" and could select it. And another thing you have to use your main google login as the youtube account (with your full clear name) which I never used for yt … you have to switch accounts all the time just to listen to the music you own.

  24. What about the music that we have purchased from play music and downloaded to our phones for offline listening, will we still be able to listen to our purchased music offline without paying a premium?

  25. I transferred my uploads/catalog yesterday. I'm okay with it. But, I just tried to look up/search a Beatles album that I own and uploaded to Google Play and tried to play it on the YT Music app. I decided to look it up under "The Beatles" under my uploads. I am a person who listens to ALBUMS not songs. When I looked up "Beatles", it lists all the SONGS by the Beatles. Not the albums. I can look up albums. But, the scrolling function isn't that quick. So, it takes awhile.
    I searched for "Hard Day's Night" under the albums. It brought up the one in the YT music catalog. Which means if I'm not subscribed to the YT Music, I have to listen to an ad beforehand. With my existing upload already in there, it didn't recognize that. If I were to play my existing upload, I wouldn't have to sit through an ad before listening to the album.
    There's my rant. Hopefully, they'll be fixing that or I'll remain in the minority of people who listen albums and not just specific songs.


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