WWE 2K15 Modding Weekly – Episode 6 (Strong Language)



dasot88’s Selection Screen Images –

TEKKEN57’s Goldberg & Scott Steiner –

Bravebird31’s Samoa Joe & Jeff Hardy –

GameElite & SMK’s Finn Balor –

Prinsto’s Paige –

TEKKEN57’s X-Packer & X-Ray –

Wrestler Pac file id list –

HxD –

Change Name Thread –

Cheat Engine stuff –

Nguồn: https://ilhapura.net/

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  1. Thanks for showcasing my Paige mod! =) But I think you got something wrong: I did work with Blender but still needed X-Rey. X-Rey is the only tool to convert YOBJ file to OBJ (which can be edited with Blender or 3DS Max) and import it back into the YOBJ file. Also not every change to your computer vanishes your X-Packer license. I've changed my graphics card 3 times in the last month and I was still able to use X-Packer and X-Rey without problems. I think has more to do with when you upgrade your operating system.

  2. You know, the fact an essential mod like X-Packer costs 1/3 of the base game is bad enough, but implementing such a completely idiotic DRM is fucking unexcusable. What is the guy goddamn afraid of? I can't even change my ram without having to shill out another 14 bucks? This is the death of a modding community. If I'm not mistaken I've seen on smacktalks that the key is linked to the buyer's paypal account, you sure you can't even pre-emptively warn him you're going to change hardware around and get another key free of charge? With proof you're not just giving it to a friend or anything? Because hell, I'm surprised the community hasn't eaten him alive if that's not the case. 
    Anyway, great vid as usual. I'll ask a couple of questions:
    1 – How does changing around retro models impact the Showcases? Will you just wrestle Paige's model instead of Bryan's in the Henry DLC or does that cause some other glitch?
    2 – Is there a mod that changes Triple H's default "I wish this was still 2000" body model into something more current and… Realistic?


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