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32 Replies to “What Is Love?”

  1. You got cheated on…
    If you on a break but still married she cheated.
    You are trying to excuse an entanglement but you yourself can't forgive. Your advice seems more like you trying to convince yourself back into a relationship.

  2. Still beautiful and even more powerful after the red table talk. I wish you and Jada growth and blossoming together forever.

  3. Look at his eyes. You see that pain it's given by a toxic person who you try to love with all your heart.

  4. I hate that Will Smith has the perfect idea of love and its clear that he loves the right way, still gets cheated

  5. Love is just an evolutionary chemical reaction that happens in our brain that forces us to breed, it kicks hard and slowly fade leaving us in a stranded mariage "Rick Sanchez"

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