True Detective vs. Se7en — Creating Light Amongst The Dark


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Despite the dark and gruesome subject matters of True Detective and Se7en, the character arcs of the main characters tell a story of profound optimism.

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  1. True Detective and Se7en are two of my all-time favorite things to watch. I've seen both many, many times, and I always love the last moments where we get to see the characters change, ever so slightly. Hope you enjoy the video, what movie or show I do in a future video?!

  2. Morgan freeman is one of the greatest of all time

    Edit: in case you didn't know the final soundtrack in the video is the intro for true detective called Far from any road by the handsome family

  3. You can make a comparison with any movie but you cannot compare True Detective to any movie definitely not seven True Detective is in the league all by itself you can compare a Pop Warner undefeated football team to the New England Patriots of course there are similarities but it makes no sense. two totally different leagues brother

  4. But I still dont understand how Somerset realized from the final battle. Like what him believe that he needs to change? And what is it got to do with Mills killing the Serial Killer? Can you please help me understand it? Thank You!!

  5. ……absolutely brilliant lesson from these two profound, utterly dark and complex stories/characters. Subscribed👍 (at least)

    Thank you sir 👍


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