The Secret Couple, Jae Young and So Min Met for the First Time [Running Man Ep 446]


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  1. In this episode, "friends" betrayed a friend … Ha ha, you were ashamed, you trust someone who has been with you in the project for 3 years, and not someone who has been with you for 9 years, you were ashamed, as well as others … .new members must learn that even when they have a mission, they should not use the trust between the team, and that is exactly what she did, that's not how the game is played … But it's all sou business. I can only say that I would be ashamed if my project partners did not applaud for my task, which just happened here! I hope that Ji Hyo will learn something from this and that she will leave the RM project as soon as possible, because she is being belittled there, and she did not deserve it. Let the producers continue with these changes and forcing it, and this is how their rating drops just because it is no longer RM, but a regular show.

  2. I just wanna say somin did her best so stop judging her for all the haters of somin and please stop comparing ji hyo and somin

  3. I never get tired of watching this episode. The members were so confused until the very end. Kudos to so min, she did very well! ❤

  4. Jeon so min unnie… when someone Judges you, it isn't actually about you. it's about them and their own insecurities,limitations, and needs. ❤

  5. Somin you're so cuteeee keep up being funny and charming. It's okay, haters always gonna hate. Don't mind them my pretty unnie ❤

  6. It’s crazy that a lot of people were criticising so min because she didn’t let that girl join her team but they didn’t know the whole story 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. Jihyo once had this mission with lee jong suk before…now they let so min too..great job to her for winning the game

  8. I'm so glad they turned out to be the secret couple. Honestly i love Somin, she's cheerful and genuinely kind, but that part when she locked Heejin from opening the door and saying "you cant go in" firmly just seemed really disrespectful to me. Especially since Heejin is her senior and older than her. I thought they just had to be the secret couple because if not then its just Somin being honestly rude. I'm glad it's not the case.

  9. Haters nggak mau minta maaf sama somin Eonni kah? Sudaah menuduh somin eonni sengaja love line dll pdhl belum nonton episode ini. Malah cm bilang brti KJK jealous sama Jihyo…. 😔😔 Masih gedek astajim kalau inget

  10. Why is no one talking about Kim Jae Young! Such a cutie. Such a fearless actor but so shy in real life. He is so adorable

  11. I stopped watching runningman after big change happened but came back because of Jung so min. Now she is my favorite in the show. Don't understand why she gets such hate.

  12. Running Man is an awesome show but I wish So Min didn't always get the chance to be the spy, feel like Ji Hyo doesn't get the attention she deserves.

  13. Omg this is one of my favorite episodes, I genuinely thought that Jihyo was in the secret couple but it turned out to be Somin, wasn’t expecting it to be Somin, her acting was really convincing and made a big twist in the end that left me in surprise.

  14. song ji hyo and jae young too cute for this episode ++ jongkook jealousy , evnthought ji hyo and jaeyoung are not secret couple… but ji hyo held his hand…


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