The Outer Worlds | GRAPHICS & FPS MOD on Nintendo Switch


Warning: Video for informational purposes.
This amateur mod adds some improvements, such as distance, shadows and some textures.
In this video I show you how the The Outer Worlds (Docked) game can change with a boost of: CPU=1785 | GPU=844 | MEM=1600

(credit by ecl0674)

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  1. How do you managed to create such an amazing mod only 2 weeks after release? God damn dude your talents deserve way more money and attention.

  2. This kind of mod have a disadvantage in the future? Like if it's a overclock the battery won't be seem affected permanently? Idk pretty much about this stuff

  3. I tried it out and combined with overclocking the difference is amazing .. with a nice custom setting its one of the most impressive looking switch games .

  4. Can anyone point me in the direction of how to get this mod installed? Do I just put it into the game's files or is there a more complicated process? I'm also just putting this out so I can help others who also want to do this.

  5. Perfect mod. But i think obsidion, will fix the issues with the game, and make IT look better on switch the next patch.

  6. How can a modder make better job than a port specialized studio?
    Im still hoping to see outer worlds in switch just like that or even better. This is making me to want to hack my switch

  7. Is there an overclock involved, or is this just a normal mod? If there is no overclock, and it could have naturally looked this way on the Switch, then I am very disappointed in Virtuos. Even more than I already was.

  8. Hopefully Nintendo will allow developers to go further into the hardware like this. The Outer Worlds would have been considered a good port if it was running like this

  9. Shame this is for hacked switches but the devs can't overclock the switch they will have to try and optimise it better

  10. Please send this to the devs, I would jump at get it now if they patched it up like this. Looks great! Btw is this docked or handheld?

  11. Looking at it on a smartphone, barely see any difference for the most part…
    Would highly advice to watch it on a bigger screen!

  12. I feel like if we can get this across to the devs, they should apply this in an update. Similar to what the Witcher got.


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