The Combination of Jong Kook and Ji Hyo!? They're the Most Overpowered Couple! [Running Man Ep 436]


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  1. I guessed youtube recommended me this episode of running man because of the scandal of mina and jimin ..but i still cant believed that scandal is real

  2. Came back here cause off mina. Im not AOA fans but in this episode I always thought she look so vulnerable but never thought it to be true. Maybe i could see her through cause I've been in the same boat. In this episode, since haha was her partner, i was hoping that i could be in his place and has a talk with mina.

  3. i still miss the kang gary and song ji hyo couple even tho jongkook and her are cute aswell but i never forget kang jihyo

  4. Haha, really support the spartace. I think kwang soo and jae suk, knows something behind the camera. 😍💕 im a spartace fan! And i love seeing them both sweet.

  5. i was actually about to watch episode 406 coz of jin young,then saw this and i was like

    imma watch this instead

  6. Nowadays I get this feeling that there is some awkwardness between them and it just doesn't feel the same anymore when they're with each other.

    Anyone else feel like this? :/

  7. I love jihyo so much, esp when she's with jong kook. It's a shame her screentime are so little. Without her RM is nothing, why they keep focusing on so min srsly? So min is too much of an attention seeker and there are so many fans hate her.

  8. I love how Haha was the one that started it, screaming "They look like a real couple", and then the others just join in full support on board XD
    Leader of the Spartace Fandom: Ha Dong Hoon
    Vice President: Yu Jae Seok
    Lee Kwang Soo, Yang Se Chan

  9. 1:58 Song: Pinocchio – Between love and friendship
    2:22 Song: December – Turbo
    2:33 Song: One man – Kim Jong Kook

  10. throwback to when they did chaser vs mission team nametag elimination at the end of every episode and one time it was just Jongkook and Jihyo 2 v 8 or something on the chaser team and they utterly demolished the mission team.


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