The BEST PRO SETTINGS in Valorant – Video, Graphics, FPS, Minimap & More!


The BEST PRO SETTINGS in Valorant that will give you a COMPETITIVE EDGE on the opponent!
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  1. What would you like us to create a guide on next? We're open to all suggestions!

  2. Its all well ans good saying that you "recommend a 144hz monitor" but if you are playing on a laptop intended for PowerPoint. And cannot afford anything better. Then there is rlly no choice

  3. This settings is not capable to every laptop or PC. It depends to our spec laptop. So please adjust it too.

  4. im using 75hz . and valorant diamond 2. keep getting 30+ bomb . personal kill record 47 kill on rank .
    and stuck in diamond 2 . thanks random teammate .

  5. @4:37 i didn't even know I had to manual change it. I thought it was by default. I've had my current monitor for more/less than a year and I never did that. Thank you for that advice and will more than likely help in game!

  6. My laptop has a 60hz screen and by turning vsync off i get 140-150 fps on default settings so my question is will there be any difference on playing on 150 fps because my screen has a 60hz refresh rate?

  7. There is no way having the ping and packet loss on the screen would reduce FPS. I refuse to believe this is the case.

  8. Thank you so much! When I was playing in beta, I was able to see the entire minimap, but after an update, parts of the map were cut off. I was annoyed but I assumed this was just what the devs wanted. Now I realized I can change it back to the full map!


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