Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 7 – TOP 10 WTF and Easter Eggs


Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 7, TOP 10, Easter Eggs. Baby Yoda Scene, Cameos, Mandalorian Episode 8 and Baby Yoda Jedi Powers ►
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The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Scene – Jedi Powers ►
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Covering new Star Wars The Mandalorian Episode 7 from Disney Plus. Star Wars Easter Eggs. Baby Yoda Scene and Dark Side Sith Force Powers Explained. Special Cameo Scenes, Clone Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of The Jedi Easter Eggs and References.

The Mandalorian Episode 8 Finale will air next Friday. New Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 5 video, Full Star Wars Episode 9 Rise of Skywalker Review video, Episode 9 Ending and Breakdown Easter Eggs videos will post after the movie is released later this week.

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  1. Here's my video for The Mandalorian Episode 7 and Easter Eggs. Let me know how many you spotted! The Finale is next Friday. More Mandalorian videos coming soon. Here's my Mandalorian Episode 6 video too!

  2. Would strand cast not mean they want to use him as a cast or a 'mould' to create other things, rather than him being genetically engineered himself. They want to take his DNA

  3. What a wonderful show,hoping series will continue.
    Excellent combination of characters. Mandalorian wonderful see not all evil out there.
    Being what's considered saw orginal release first Star Wars 1977, sometimes wonder what came first.
    Love the show, my grandson suggested it.

  4. Mando didn’t get to kill Werner’s character… the blast came from the front. He was killed by his bosses order to the troopers outside. Werner’s body language and the light exiting his back confirms that.

  5. My girlfriend and I thought that Baby Yoda was trying to choke Cara Dune because he sensed that she was intending to betray Mando. Glad that did not happen.

  6. I think Moff Gideon wants The Child to not only make an army of clones of the same Yoda species, but also raise him to follow the dark side and become a sith.

  7. Could the boots with spurs be the armorer? That way she has time to make the 'family' crest of purpose for the mandalorian.

  8. Me watching the Mandalorian: 🤔🤔
    Carl weathers: he’s trying to eat me
    Me: 😆😆😆😆😆
    Jon Favreau You absolute legend

  9. I’m sure someone has mentioned this by now, but the bounty hunter with green skin and spiked face is a Klaatu, not a Weequay.

  10. Ha 'Sorry A yoda Specially that one if yu say that he knows a lot more than suspected becasue he's fifty years old already knows the future casue all Yoda's do like all Jedi and Sith do the difference between the two is that one inlfuences the events while the onther knows better than manipulating what is ment to be thats why the yoda from the first trilogy looked at the future and told Luke allways in mouvement iss the future hard to see . what he ment by that is that it is hard to determine because one is changing the events to fill he own greed . He was talking about the emperor . This baby already knows what awaits later casue he already sees the events of the future so he's not avoiding becasue oof the unknown peril ahead . he's either going strait into it or avoiding it entirely in both scenarios . Remeber when Yoda told luke to go in the cave and Luke asked him what he would find in the cave ? Yoda told him his destiny . He knew axactly what luke would find .

  11. Maybe the Yoda species' home world has a super short revolution around their sun(s) so that to them a "year" is very short compared to a year on Earth. Thus he could be 50 years old yet still be sort of baby like development wise.

  12. When sh*t is going down, never say everything is gonna be ok, don't talk about future goals, and never get too optimist. I seent death comin after tht💀💀💀

  13. It's been a while… I've missed following your channel!! 🤗🤗 Anyways … About the clones…
    Could Kwill have been referring to a "CHAIN Caste" Referring to their social status or place in the world? A lot of new possibilities and thoughts it has… ;

  14. Force Heal has been a thing in the Revenge of the Sith tie-in game for the PS2. You’re able to restore your health using the Force by pressing both L3+R3 together.

  15. Anybody getting the Shovel Knight vibe from all of the Mandos? There are even blue Shovel Knights I mean Mandos in episode 8.

  16. I’m 90% sure normal TIEs don’t land like that. We’ve seen normal TIEs on the ground plenty of times in Star Wars Rebels(and even one in Rise of Skywalker) and the wings were never folded

  17. It isn't the Mando who guns down Herzog's character, it's the Imperial reinforcements. He falls away from the window with exit wounds in his back.

  18. I’ve not watched but I’m pretty sure he’s actually a clone of Yoda….but that McYoda ID Superbad reference was classic 😃

  19. The mandalorian and cara will bring back baby yoda and raise him, and then we go into an empirial base with a fetus yoda and then it will cut to a black screen…

  20. That scene with the Tie Fighter landing…priceless
    The finale must allow the Kid to get rescued, however, I believe the bad guys get the dna


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