Star Wars Battlefront II Fully Modded 4K | Best Graphics Mods 2020


A collection of all the graphics mods currently available and updated in Star Wars Battlefront II. From lighting changes to textures and effects, this is a complete overhaul of the game’s already superb graphics.

Running on an RTX 2080ti at Ultra Settings on a 4K monitor.

Mod List:

[REQUIRED] Frosty Mod Manager:

Lighting & Effects

Cinematic Firefights-
Bloomfront II-
Better Force Lightning-
Pointed OT Sabers-
Better Flames-
Sly’s Lighting Overhaul- (Unstable, needs update)
No Holograms-
VNC Scorchmarks-
Kamino Frontend-

Models & Textures

4k Clone Commandos-
Han Solo Face Retouch-
4K Clone Legions-
Movie Accurate Anakin-
8K Vader-
Filmic Kylo-
Better Training Rey-
Better B2-
Young Solo Retouch-
Obi Wan Retouch-
Screen Accurate Grievous-
Photogrammetry ROTJ Sabers-
Photogrammetry Luke-
Photogrammetry Boba-


Cleaner Prestige Icons-
Better UI-

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Music: SWTOR Soundtrack

Cinematics filmed using Open Game Camera


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  1. betterUI – Text betterUI – Scorelog Sly's Cinematic Lighting Overhaul Sly's Cinematic Lighting Overhaul – Frontend Blur Fix Sly's Cinematic Sly's Cinematic Firefights lll – Droideka Patch Sly's Cinematic Blaster Impacts = an unhandled exception has occurred. Ortho's 4K Clone Legions (Main Mod) = the game does not start. BloomFront ll Better B2 = cannot be downloaded 🙁

  2. Nice ! Awesome ! This Mod Have Future ! Continue ! This is diferent to all graphics mod i have see in all my life !

  3. Dang this is better than movie quality. I want a movie with this style. Also that would look terrifying to actually be there on felucia.

  4. oh man i wanted to try some of these mods but sadly frosty manager is keep being corrupted when I download 🙁

  5. oh come on just give us the original BF2 with graphics and movement liek this.. I'd play it over an AAA title

  6. This just gives me even more of an appreciation for DICE. There's only so much these modders can do to improve the graphics. DICE did such a great job with the graphics, sounds, and environments.

  7. Motion blurr on your weapon is not good looking. It looks like a movie but makes you ill and distracted when playing. There should be another option for motion blurr. It only downgrades already good graphics

  8. This is basically just a Dark Mod for the game plus some texture changes, some good and some bad. 5:27 is a good example of it just being a dark mod, you can see that a lot of the detail is gone.

  9. Wow that cinematic kashyyyk in paticular looked incredible and felt very eerie like the clone became unconscious on the battle fire and was left for dead to wake up and find the carnage. Great work!


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