Scenes in OBS Studio (Free Graphics Included) | Tutorial 8/13


Learn how to make different scenes, set hotkeys, add filters, and much more in OBS Studio. All graphics are available in the free download link.

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Hey everyone, in this video we’re going to set up scenes in OBS Studio. I’ll also show you how to customize our graphical assets directly inside of OBS Studio, as well as setup hot keys to make switching between our scenes quick and easy.

Let’s get right into it.

For this video, make sure to check out the link to that will provide you with all of the graphics we’ll be using in our scenes. They’re all completely free. If you enjoy using them, sharing the site or this video on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook., or whatever you use would mean a lot!

Anyways, if you followed the series so far, you’ll have a very strong understanding of how to work with OBS Studio. Scenes will be our collection of different sources – each scene will have a different purpose during our broadcast.

To start, I’m going to download the graphic assets from – the overlay image files are in a .zip, so you’ll need to extract them. I’ll put everything on my desktop. Feel free to save yours anywhere. The files contain a generic overlay – but if you need to further customize your overlay – you can use our Overlay maker, link will be found in the description as well. Let’s first start with an “Intro” scene. Broadcasters generally use this to give time for any viewers to filter in before they start their show. I do want to mention that my base canvas size is 1920×1080 pixels… if yours isn’t you may need to adjust some of the graphics with scaling and positioning.

The first thing I’m going to do is rename our default scene to intro – now, let’s add in our looping background video. Add a media source and name it Background. We’ll leave local file checked, and then browse to find our video background file. Select loop, as we want this file to continuously play in this scene. If you’d like, you can uncheck Restart playback when the source becomes active, but this isn’t necessary with such a small file. This option would help reduce some memory usage, if you’re concerned about that. Hit okay.

Now let’s add in a text source, and name it “Header”. Hit select font and choose any font that you’d like to use, and any styles here as well. I’m going to set the size to 72, hit okay to go back to the font properties. I’m going to type “The Stream Will Begin Shortly” in all caps. Next, I’m going to select my font color. You can choose whatever you like, but I’m going to leave color 1, or the top part of our text o n white, and color 2 which is the bottom part of the text as white as well – hit okay once you’re done with these options. I’m going to then hit Ctrl+D to center this text on my screen. You can also right click the source, go to transform, and then hit “center to screen” here as well.

We have a nice header message, in our scene, but let’s add something about our social media or a general message quickly. Create another text source, call it sub header, but this time make the font a bit smaller, in my version I’ll select 48 – I’ll also choose the same font I was using before. After I have those options selected, I’ll just type in something like “Don’t Forget To Follow!” and then hit Okay. Again, I’ll use Ctrl+D to center my source to the screen. We need to shift this source down in its vertical position. While we could do this by clicking and dragging, let’s do this a more precise way. Right click the source, and go to Transform, Edit Transform. Here we have all sorts of way to preposition our source. I’m going to increase the value of the 2nd input for position, as this is the vertical positioning. This will allow us to keep the text perfectly centered horizontally. Remember, you can type in a value here to go a bit faster, or just click inside and use arrow key up to go a bit faster. Close this box when done.


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  1. Your style is much better. I watched so many videos on OBS and streaming. Most seem to go so quickly over the things you need, clicking on buttons one after another in break neck speeds. It is more geared to "This is what you CAN do in OBS", rather than this is how you do it. Thank you. Now I have the problem of deciding which to use, which graphic, which video… I can do it now. Thanks.

  2. I have encountered duplicating screen and so my text had changed in the original screen. Now I know what to do with your help. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Hi,

    I'm new to OBS. What I want to do is "Create all my scenes" then have them 1 by 1 run through in a "Live Stream" without me needing to hit hotkeys or interact until the programme I'm sending out is finished. Is there a way to do this. I know I could do a "Pre-recorded" programme and send it to live view but I wanted to know if there is a way as described above. I'm not a gamer.


  4. @NerdorDie — I have a question for you. Can I make scenes as a group on my OBS Studio and then share the group with someone else?

  5. Trying to follow along with this and instead of Game Capture I'm using screen capture. I Hate Games. But I digress.. Using version 25.0.8 64bit and it will only show one monitor in the drop down display combo box. I have 3 which show up in other areas but not this one….why? Anyone..

  6. tried to follow the instructions but yeh… on game capture i dont see any possible way to add application or what ever, there is no bar for it. it dont allow me to add my headphone mic but then again it shows in the green voice bar that it capture it, also the windows in obs are quite different nowadays it seems. i dont even care about all the other stuff right now i would just want to try to stream for first time and make it work like they see my game and hear me since i even dont have a camera at the moment yet. :E So stressfull even with good info.

  7. i bought the software from your web site i followed your tutorial to the t and nothing work the way it should , what am i missing

  8. Hi, I am learning OBS right now, but having a difficult time figuring out 2 things. # 1 – What are the base plugins should I have set up from the beginning? # 2 – What plugins or addons are recommended for a more advanced marketer and live stream to Facebook and YouTube where I can look very professional? If I am gonna learn I want to focus on rapid deployment. Thank you!

  9. can anyone tell me how to show hotkeys like other youtubers use when they press net hotkey it shows on the obs screen how to make that any one ???

  10. This is fantastic! As a new streamer, with a new channel, your insight is great. Thank you so much for all you do! ~NoisyCricket405 from TOC!


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