Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics ONBOARD!


AMD’s bringing back the APU in a big way by marrying Ryzen CPU cores with Vega GPUs – But what do you really get for your money?

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  1. One of the graphs (Cinebench) appears to be missing from the video. Here is the missing graph: https://i.imgur.com/UsTfFLB.png

  2. Wow thats way beter than my intel pentium
    I planed on buying a cheap gaming pc and my pentium runs at (old pc) 65 fps max on low settings for very easy to run games and this should run at like (new lc) 167 fps and hell ya imma buy it

  3. I think intel means a lot of mony and not that much performance and ryzen = less money but more performance.

  4. Umm I think he messed up. At 2:05, for V-Ray, he said it was better (since it was higher), but at the bottom it says lower is better!!!!!

  5. The reason i love APU is i can built mini PC with lower noise and low power usage.

    The concept of dedicated GPU… with that double blower, power usage equal of washing machine, is eww to me, just personal opinion.


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