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SungHoon and SoMin danced together, but everyone freaked out when SungHoon showed this weird X-rated dance LOL
OMG 😂 😂 😂

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31 Replies to “[RunningMan] Ep 367_0910_OMG That X-rated dance LOL”

  1. For your information, Do you all know? If any scene in running man is not suitable for kids the team production themselves will cut the scenes first before broadcasting. But if they didn't cut it that's means It is okay to watch and suitable for all ages.

  2. The awkward but adorable handsome guy and the weird but charming girl combined lol perfect combo! 😂

  3. Lol he dont got rhythm but he can def move dem hips.
    She was going along with the beat until all that 0:56

  4. I still haven’t watched this clip fully without closing my eyes or fast forwarding,I just can’t watch him dancing like that it’s so….😂😂.

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  6. In the first episodes the members complimented Somin a lot, but now they're always teasing her for everything she does 😂😂

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