Road to Finals w/ Ender | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 12


Ender joins Drakos and Froskurinn to talk about Playoffs. Timestamps in the YouTube description below.

00:04 Introduction
00:33 Bet updates
01:10 The spicy bet
03:45 Who is Ender?
– 05:20 Going pro
– 06:05 Referee
– 10:15 Playtesting
– 13:24 Casting
15:07 FNC vs. VIT summary
– 15:22 If FNC vs. VIT series was a movie, what movie would it be?
– 16:24 Thoughts on the series
– 21:56 New picks
– 23:32 What have we learned about FNC from this series
25:56 SK vs. SPY summary
– 31:01 Selfmade’s build on Rek’Sai
35:20 New segment: Ruining Your SoloQ
37:10 Leona and Morderkeiser bot-lane
44:00 Playoffs Round 2
– 45:17 FNC vs. SPY
– 51:00 OG vs. G2
01:03:16 Twitter questions

On-going bets:
Froskurinn & Quickshot tattoo bet.
Jankos & Mikyx cosplay bet on G2 winning the Finals.

Tune in to #EUphoriaPodcast released every Wednesday 6PM CET.


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  1. BIG and funny combo on bot is veigar+ ziggs (all in on lvl 3 onto the adc with veigar cage and ziggs W– guaranteed stun and the pure dmg just destroys them)

  2. When you still had the choice to get Face of the Mountain we played Ivern Maokai, bot lane with a Twitch jungle in Flex. Saplings in the bushes, Twitch ganks, Ivern melee executing with Relic. Was fun.

  3. Wait, which elo are they playing flex in? I played Cait vs a Rengar and Ivern lol but I’m Silver 2 in flex. Huhmmm…

  4. My son convinced med to learn Sejuani, because he wanted us to play botlane bruiser with Leona / Sejuani. I will really recommend you to try that – the Chain CC they can do is even from low lvl really high. My son uses to run electrocute on leona and ignite, and I rund aftershock on Sejuani. Both of course with relic Shield.

    We allready did that 2 years ago and still have a lot of fun running that botlane now and then. I got seju from lvl 5 and to lvl 7 pretty fast that way….. hehehe

  5. Ziggs/Veigar bot is pretty fun cause you can use the ziggs explosive charge to force the ennemies into the cage stun and then get a lot of pressure early on. Also your damage is kind of stupid. Just be careful not to get killed early and you should be fine. ^^

  6. Boys, trust me.
    For your duoq, go for pyke as carry and nautilus/shen as support. Stupid kill potential, at six u give gold to your support for kills. But u have to win in 25 minutes or the game is gone.
    Of course double relic.

  7. Best Bot I played so far is Teemo – Bard. Its fun early game with the amazing poke and annoying Teemo but there is more. At lvl 6 , the real fun begins. This is because you use your Bard W to bait enemies into temmo shrooms and it is sooooo satisfying. Try to place the heals so that you dont just waste them for shrooms but use them as bait to get a kill.

  8. Drakos, Ender, i present you the most fun botlane EVER: Zilean/Rammus. Zilean takes spellthief's and klepto and just doesn't farm. Rammus takes Aftershock. It plays like this, Zilean E's Rammus, he rolls in, taunts the first guy he hits, Zilean double bombs, ez clap. Do that 2 or 3 times and just dive them lvl 6 with aftershock and Zilean ult. I promise you, it's a blast

  9. Who is duchebag, who is leading the show, he is sooo bad, interrupting and and asking dull questions i hope someone other takes over

  10. Drakos you should definetely do a solo que stories segment that stuff would be hella funny if you have the right guests

  11. I love the ruining SoloQ segment.

    Most fun I had was Ya-Sin. Hilarious if you ever manage to pull the ult combo off. Both very intense champions so be prepared to feed, but it's so much fun.


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