Race for the Ender Egg – Day 5


A mixed matched group of the Misfits join Noodle as he tries to get the Ender Egg in 100 Minecraft days. Everyday a new day will be posted (with the exception of Sundays). So stick around and enjoy the show!

Todays cast: Noodle, Stryk, Fatkid, Cory

Music brought to you courtesy of Danosongs.com!
Bringing you the best of license free music! It’s what Misfit Inc uses!
Opening song: City of Innocence
Closing song: Spectrum of Elements

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  1. augh, why did you say that? Once you see you can never unsee… Time to throw all the iron in the lava. 😀

  2. We have the videos recorded just waiting on putting them out for some unknown reason. Thanks for asking though I will let him know to get the damn videos out already!!!! And yeah he is a Misfit.


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