Post Production Techniques for Athlete Portraits with Tim Mantoani


Tim Mantoani has been photographing athletes for over 20 years for a wide range of both editorial and commercial clients. His work has appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Triathlete, Sport and DirtSports, and his clients include Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Reebok, Directv and Upper Deck. Join Tim as he discusses some of his lighting and post production techniques using a variety of Nik Software products. Tim is an advocate of shooting as much personal work as possible. His personal project, Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends was recently published and features 153 photographer portraits shot on 20×24 Polaroid.


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  1. At around 19:25 I could realize that the photo gets an "HDR look", but, all done manually. I'm wondering… can't I get exactly the same effect just by using a quick HDR software?


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