NBA 2K19 vs NBA Live 19 Graphics Comparison (PS4 Pro)


We’ve finally got our hands on the two NBA games that we were looking forward to ever since the trailers dropped. NBA 2K19 by 2K Sports and NBA Live 19 by EA. Which game looks better? Watch this video to find out!

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  1. The attention to detail in Live court make it so much better to play sometimes even though the game is not that good. But it’s absolutely beautiful

  2. I'm a bit shocked. I didn't expect NBA Live '19 to look As sharp as it does.
    I applaud the developers for giving 2K something to consider. A little competition is rarely a bad thing . . .

  3. “2k is better but all those micro transactions” keep eating shit instead of actually doing something about it guys. Sport games are officially horse shit.

  4. This is nba 2k19 and nba live 19 differences and the stuff that's fun to do in the game.

    Nba live 19 is more arcade type but it's still very fun.
    The graphics of nba live 19 has also improved and The carrer mode called the One is actually really fun because it shows Stephen a Smith talking about you and it shows different youtubers in the One and when u do good there are Twitter posts about your highlights.Nba live 19 also have AMAZING looking courts and nba live 19 puts details in players faces like scars or marks that the player actually has in real life.
    Nba 2k19 has a very good carrer mode because of the cut scenes that look very real. Nba 2k19 also makes players have better body models. Nba 2k19 mypark is also fun to play, nba 2k19 has a cool franchise mode which makes the game like real basketball . The animations look also look good in nba 2k19.
    The graphics of both of them are very similar but Nba live 19 makes their courts and player faces look very good and the lighting on courts on LIVE look like real life.
    Nba 2k19 has better animations then Live.
    If I had to pick I would chose live 19 because there is alot of stuff to do in the game and their is the wnba also the presentation when you start a season game looks better in Live.
    This is just my opinion i still like Nba 2k19 because its a great game.
    I like how their are two options for which game you could play.

  5. For now 2k, but next year live might have a chance cause they really just need to fix some bugs here and there. Make the gameplay a little more smooth and this will overcome 2k in my opinion.

  6. Im surprised that Live looks so much better. Character close ups dont really matter it is the overall view and Live looks real and 2K has a yellow hardwood.

  7. 2K has Curry's shot down. If you look closely he releases while still on his way up from his jump, which he actually does for real.

  8. I have both games and both are good but. For NBA2K20 i wanna see different scoreboards and different people speaking. for example, in real life there is always a different broadcaster for each team and the team announcer who calls out the player's name. Thanks! that's my opinion!

  9. As a 2K head I tried out Live 19 and winded up trading in my 2K. Live is def good this year do not knock unless you played it. The court and arena in Live is LIT

  10. Boy u a damn lie 2k plays way more arcade n slower than live they don't even have all the rights to the arenas lol look at that Boston arena on 2k and u can't hit contested shots on 2k that's so fake n why is the net so soft on 2k the swish is so unrealistic on there

  11. Hey peeps I'm new to the NBA video games and want to play, but I don't know which one i should get help me out here plzz.

  12. for absolute novice in basketball, what should i buy? im not smarter after reading comments tho haha.. what game simulates better the gameplay and player physics? thanks

  13. NBA live court is beautiful, but the player graphics are a bit dull. Meanwhile, 2k player graphics are superb but the their court is horrendous and almost cartoonish.

  14. all people that favors with 2k havent played nba live 19 or maybe they just tried the demo. Nba live 19 got a lot of improvements already and the player motion in live looks way way more realistic than 2k. ilove both games. I love 2k from 2011 from 17 but now I switched to live 19. just all u wait for live 20


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