MMO Hacking Game Design in Unity (IL2CPP) – Game Devlog #4


To make a hackable MMO game, I had to think a lot about the unique game design. So we are going over challenges as well as level design and how the game evolved.

00:00 – Intro
00:37 – 1. Level Design
04:05 – 5. Player Character Design
05:14 – 3. Soft Release
06:00 – 4. Tower (Challenge)
07:10 – 5. Lava (Challenge)
08:32 – 6. Emoji (Challenge)
11:03 – 7. Reverse Engineerling IL2Cpp
13:04 – 8. Player Radar (Challenge)
16:36 – 9. Maze Runner (Challenge)
19:07 – 10. M4z3 Runn3r (Challenge)
20:45 – 11. Open Source
21:56 – 12. Conclusion
22:29 – Outro

Part 1 – How To Learn Something New?:
Part 2 – Igniting Creativity:
Part 3 – Unity Multiplayer/MMO Game:
Part 4 – MMO Hacking Game Design: this video

Play the game:

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  1. Linux version of Unity Engine is always sucks!
    Even running windows version via wine is much more stable solution.

  2. I seriously love your content sir and seriously you are amazing !!!!!! Please do support your little brother to be successful like you …seriously you became successful and your knowledge is mind blowing !!!

  3. Using IL2CPP was definitely a good idea. Not only does it translate the code to C++, it also deletes all the unused code, which means that a lot of functions that would be useful for a hack are just not there.
    For example: if the game was pure Mono, I would have used the GameObject.transform property to manipulate the player entity. But unfortunately, the required methods were absent, and I had no luck finding the coordinates manually. Instead, I had to work with the "target position" of the CharacterActor class (from the CharacterControllerPro package), which incidentally provided smoother animations for the hacked character, but it didn't give me complete control. It was only way later that I found what I presume to be the "real" coordinates using Cheat Engine's pointer scanning.

  4. If anyone is looking for it, this is the maze algorithm visualization site he mentioned:

  5. When you mentioned how idea grows over time, my first thought was Hollow Knight, this game is true evolution of idea from "wtf" to masterpiece.

  6. You could have benefited from unmanaged memory writing. i have implemented this before, you xor blocks of code. then decode them in real time. that way the code is not real and they have to work harder =)

  7. Create the best anti-cheat protection you can to prevent all of these glitches and check how long it takes for people to beat you.

  8. Really amazing. I wonder what could came out with LieveOverflow and SebastianLague working together. Please more Unity3D stuff

  9. Cool design a game that hacking to win. Just Imagine when doing open world game all players running codes at each other trying to survive.


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