MLB The Show 18 vs MLB The Show 17 Graphics Comparison


MLB The Show 18 vs MLB The Show 17 Graphics Comparison

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MLB The Show 18 is an upcoming Major League Baseball (MLB) video game in development by SIE San Diego Studio and to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It will be the thirteenth entry of the MLB: The Show franchise, and will be released on March 27, 2018, for PlayStation 4. Aaron Judge will be featured as the cover star for the U.S. version, while Marcus Stroman will be on the cover of the Canadian version. A limited amount of people were invited to a closed alpha, which began on December 22, 2017 until December 26, 2017 to test the online servers.

Matt Vasgersian, Dan Plesac and Mark DeRosa will be the play-by-play commentators. DeRosa replaces Harold Reynolds, who will not return after one season with The Show. Mike Carlucci returns as public address commentator.


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  1. @Sports Gamers Online ….
    Pro Yakyuu Spirits (Professional Baseball Spirits) – Yu Darvish
    MLB the Show 17 – Yu Darvish

  2. @Sports Gamers Online …. At around the 1:44 mark you start to talk about the delivery of Kershel. It's honestly poorly done and so are all the pitchers in MLB the Show. Instead of graphical comparison, you should honestly do animation or movement comparisons because the pitching mechanics has never looked correct in MLB the Show.

  3. Just saying. Complaining about stances should be a thing of the past now. We have stance creator now. Can always tweak it here and there.

  4. Should also make some new victory moves. 3 guys butt-bumping in midair is very, very, VERY old. Also, let's see some mascot picking on the umpires/fans. Charging the mound (after frequent near misses/hits from pitcher) would be a plus as well. And also, let's see some baseball players giving baseballs/bats to young fans. Oh yeah, let's see some fan proposes to a woman in between innings!! LOL!

  5. I understand the animations have gotten better, etc but the graphics looked smoother in 17. I've played RTTS, Franchise, Conquest and still can't get into 18 like I was in 17. The hitting feels even more empty TBH. Its been a couple weeks since I played 17 but I'm gonna go back and see if I still feel like this. And the over all layouts (banners/windows)on the pages looked better in 17 too. And I'm not having nearly as much fun playing RTTS and for some reason I can't change my guy to a pull hitter, which sucks. And they also changed Bautista's batting stance, his arms and hands are the same but they gave him almost a slouch in 18 lol I don't like it.

  6. Very good presentation. I haven't gotten the Show 18 yet, but it's on my bucket list. I loved 17, but as with all sports games, you wonder if upgrading just for newer graphics is worth shelling out another 60 bucks. Think I might get 18 because the graphics look awesome compared to 17 and love that they fixed the resolution somewhat on the arena logos and uniforms. Just curious is the gameplay and announcing is exactly the same or has it changed. Vasgersian hasn't said anything new lately for a few games now.

  7. When I’m a free agent in RTTS receiving offers I wanna be able to see more than just the offering teams record from the previous season. Signing for 5+ years can I at least get more info on who I’m signing with?

  8. Hate the fact that Oakley sunglasses have been removed,and I also hate the fact that the traditional catchers masks are black.

  9. you can clearly see when Scherzer is in the bullpen at the end of the video, that his eyes in fact are different colours

  10. I really enjoyed playin The Show 17 and lookin forward to The Show 18.I'm a Tigers fan so I hope their home unis look blue instead of lookin like black.


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