Minecraft at E3: Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more!


This Summer, we’re bringing you a whole new bunch of ways to play Minecraft! We’re releasing a new update for consoles, which brings players together across mobile, console and Windows 10. This means you can play Minecraft on any device, whenever and wherever you’d like! Also this summer, players will be able to join millions of new people from all over the world when we add servers directly to the game. Access a multitude of fun online communities from within Minecraft, safely and securely. And that’s not all! This Autumn, players will be able to explore endless worlds, rendered in stunning 4k HDR with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Shiny!

Song: Alakazam!
by: Justice

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  1. I have a feeling they are going to bring the Super Duper Graphics Pack for next generation consoles. Series X,Ps5.

    Maybe nintendo’s next project???

  2. It’s such a shame that the microsoft account login for mobile or Nintendo switch is so broken , cause now a days it’s almost Impossible just to join a server

  3. I still dream you’ll make it to Xbox one of these days Super Duper. Maybe a new Minecraft Version Exclusive to Xbox like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Editions on the Xbox Series X and S 🥺

    Minecraft Xbox Series X Edition 🤤😩😢🤧

  4. Cof.. Cof..
    Well mojang… i mean we got RTX and Xbox Series X coming… maybe its time to mess a bit with this beauty

  5. Maybe, what they meant was coming this fall in 2020 alongside the launch of Minecraft PS5 edition and XSX Edition

  6. Bruh everyone was looking forward to this… It was suppose to come out in 2017 and now it got cancelled. And because it was hard? Do they know how many people made shader mods by themselves but all of Minecraft can't even make a single pack? I just want shaders on console.

  7. If you want those shaders get nostalgia shaders for java edition. If you want for mcpe get estn shaders (only works on mobile currently)


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