Making Your Game Look Better: Sims 4 Graphics Options – A Guide to What They Do


A detailed guide to graphics settings in The Sims 4 from low to ultra quality. Covers Sims and Objects details, Lighting, Vsync, Edge Smoothing, and offers a way to scale the game’s UI. Explains each setting and how it impacts your game, with examples showing off most of them.

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  1. Which video card do you recommend to make the graphics look good? (I don't want something that expensive, I'm and looking for an average price)

  2. I think a big part of the problem with the games FPS is just that it's poorly optimised. I have a very high end gaming PC and can run every game I have on max graphics with a high FPS, but in The Sims 4 the FPS is very up and down and overall noticeably lower

  3. Halo , i have a problem on my sims , the problem is i didnt have any shadow on every objects.
    Idk why man , so u can hel me?

  4. I been having a problem with aliasing, and I didn't know I could improve it thru my video card's control panel. That little comment has changed my game, Thank you so much!!

  5. I haven't played sims 4 in a while and just recently started again.
    Now there is an ingame option to change the UI Size freely, which shows a recommended range, as anything below or above could be too much.

  6. Do anyone else have a issue or a fix to this
    So recently I bought a brand new laptop, and a guy checked everything to see if it could run (sims) I have tested both sims 3, and 4 on it both runs EXTREMELY smooth and good on high settings, but the issue is with sims 4
    The problem I am having is that even though I have my settings on ultra the game still looks like it’s on low settings?..for whatever reason and idk what to do but the game runs really smooth and never lags at all it’s just the textures look low even though everything is set to high I don’t understand why and it’s only (sims4 that I am having a problem with)…sims 3 is excellent and runs really smooth .

  7. My rig is loaded with a 2080TI, 24GB RAM and a i7 8700K CPU. Yet the game runs terrible (i run 2560*1440, not even 4k) . I use no cheats/mods etc, but I play on a 64 *64 lot (quite a large mansion, but not too excessive). The FPS is not too bad, but the simulation lag makes the game pretty much unplayable. It takes sim hours for my sims to even start performing actions (e.g. playing with toddlers) etc. I tried this Simulation Lag fix mod and what not, but nothing seems to help. It's just really bad that a game that offers the possibility to create nice and well equipped mansions, actually runs awful when doing so.

  8. Core i7 rx580 8gb 16gb ram and yeah I'm running it on 1440p ultra it is giving quiet nice graphics tho I also have hq graphics mod too

  9. Shadows can be double casted thou the ground and under the floor you won't see it but your GPU will. Most Game devs will Fix it. But watch your FPS as you increase your lightning. When you pan the camera to high to ground and aim at ground you will know because your FPS will drop.

  10. WOW.
    I cannot thank you enough!
    If anyone is watching this and they are doubting how much this video would help their gameplay, no matter what computer you have, I suggest you give all the suggestions a go!
    Now I never want to stop playing sims! Hahaha

  11. YOU ARE A LEGEND MY MAN!!! Thankyou so much! My view distance was on low ever since I got the game and I was ripping my hair out in anger for months trying to find the fix. You are a LIFESAVER!!! 😊🖤

  12. I remember when I was 14 and playing the game at very low settings, and dreaming that when I get to college I will earn some money and buy a decent laptop. And I did it! It was just a $600 dollar laptop but is good enough for playing it on high. But yeah, college is college and I use my laptop for school things now. And my dream now is to finish school, get programming career like my sim did and have a successful life.

  13. I’ve always wanted to play with high graphics settings but anytime I try my game slows down and lags. Do you have any tips?

  14. My notebook was 700 dolars, and it can maxed out The Sims 4 with all expansions easily, I even add more anti-aliasing via the GPU control panel for it to look very smooth.

  15. what is the normal option for graphics on Mac in the sims 4? Under graphics "3D Scene resolution and view distance. would it be 'medium" for the 3D Scene resolution and "high" view distance?


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