Let's Play Wasteland 2 – First Look/ Tutorial


This is me playing some Wasteland 2, it’s a really good game in my opinion 🙂

This is the first look and I have included some nice things to know for new players. That is why I have tutorial in the name 🙂

Please leave some feedback for me so I can improve my videos, also some tips for the game in case I have missed something would be appreciated .

Thanks for viewing 🙂

About; Wasteland 2 features a overhead view with a rotatable camera. It is a turn-based and party-based role-playing game with tactical combat. The player’s party has room for seven characters, including the four player-designed characters and up to three party members you can recruit at different times in-game. There is a large set of skills you can choose from and it’s important to have a good balance between them.

Nguồn: https://ilhapura.net/

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