King of Wushu (Free MOBA Game): CryEngine Graphics Trailer


King of Wushu is an upcoming 3D MOBA similar to SMITE ( from the makers of Age of Wushu.

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  1. "Engaging, realistic battles"
    cleaves 100 soldiers with small ass weapon while huge, colourful numbers fly around the screen like a virus

    Yep. Looks pretty realistic to me.

  2. Still waiting for an mmo that has fantastic gameplay and story. Like you don't grind for days n shit for hurr durr legendary gear or levels. I just want an mmo that you play through the story of quests like a single player game but you feel the flow, like a roller coaster ride. Side quests are obviously there for an mmo. Now, its an mmo, meaning there will be a shit load of players playing the game too. That does not mean the game should be fucking boring. No. ESO tried this, well, they obviously failed hard.

  3. Its not realistic if you can hit 15 enemies with a sword. And not even realistic if the enemies just keep walking to their death. False advertisement lol

  4. Shit game companies trying to make up for their previous losses with new failures…
    Probably gonna use the same shitty servers again…
    Wasn't snail those buttfucks with the laggy Black gold Online servers that made me unistall the game after getting to the top 5 spots in PVP on LOKMEA server and getting bored and sick of DCing mid match/mid dungeon?

    Pretty sure NOTY!

    Heard BGO has less than 1k active players.
    Good riddance, screw snail games.

  5. this seems really really awesome, just wanted to know . would they release it in NA or EU? i been playing smite since the closed beta .and i think this game would wreck it 

  6. Oooh, looks awesome, always did want a wuxai flavored moba! Those damage numbers are a bit large, though 🙁
    Definelty signing up to give this a try, at least <3


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