IBM PC in 10 Chap 6 Running Software


“How to Use Your IBM PC in 10 Easy Video Lessons.”
In 1982, I wrote, co-produced and co-directed with my then partner Marijane Lynch this 10 Chapter video teaching users how to use their new IBM PC. At that time, the computer state-of the art was about 128K of RAM. Imagine how powerful your smart phone is compared to the first IBM personal computer.
We formed a company called Kennen Publishing to market this and two other similar videocassettes for the Apple II and the long forgotten Apple III. IBM National Educational Marketing found our how-to video and sole-sourced contracted our little Mill Valley, CA mom and pop video production company to create and 8 and 1/2 hour Video Training Series for Educators that IBM gave it away to school systems around the US to teach teachers what this new personal computer was all about and how it could be used in education.
This first IBM PC video won the Video Review Magazine’s Viera Award as the best how-to video in 1983, a year after Jane Fonda won the same award for her Workout video. I’m posting all 10 chapters as archive background about how we saw computers back in 1982. Lauri Goldman was the mystery woman at the keyboard, Jack Hanson narrated, Richard Favaro did art direction, set design, lighting & camera, Michael Baird edited under the post production direction of the late, great Richard Scott, graphics by Linus Maurer and Julia Gennert, computer consultants were Jane Case and Steve Greenberg. Video production and post-productiuon facilities was Dudkowski-Lynch Associates, Inc., Mill Valley, CA


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