How To Switch Dual Graphics On Laptops 2017!


Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you How To Switch Dual Graphics On Any Laptop For Free! In this video I specifically show you how to do that on AMD Graphics but you can do that on NVIDIA Graphics Also! This will allow you to use your Dedicated GPU in games as well as applications as by default it uses the Integrated Graphics to save battery life.

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  1. How is it… that your m430 is showing perfectly but in my case it shows m330 but i have m430….why…..please help

  2. I have dual gpu in my laptop-
    Radeon r5 512mb
    Radeon HD 2 GB

    GTA 4 is using 2.5 GB vram but
    GTA 5 using 512mb vram

    Any solution for this?

  3. Thats not what I am looking for

    I know those

    I have a laptop and It has 2 graphic cards one of them is gaming one of them is for simple things but my computer uses simple one… how to change this??

  4. I have hp laptop with Amd r5 512MB Graphics with linked R7 2GB Graphics, And 4Gb Ram but In After effects software and In any other Application the Graphics is Not showing Games are lagging and After effects says no GPU Detected, only R5 512Mb is Detected what to do ? I have all softwares Drivers updated

  5. I updated driver but still don't have additional setting

    But you got my sub because your vid seem useful for me

  6. Hey look I'm having amd Radeon r5 m330 2gb ram graphic card but in gta v it shows total memory only 512mb but when I gone to the amd Radeon settings there were 2 graphic card one with 512 mb and other one with 2048 mb of same name..Now how do I switch it from 512mb to 2048 one ?

  7. the ccc has gone cuz update, can u find other way to set it now? the new software from amd is shit for switchable graphics

  8. good video my freind plz help me in ,y pes pro 2018 game
    when i go to setting it tell me good VRAM and GPE but bad CPU and RAM
    my laptop information Amd R5 . processeur 3 ghz and Ram 8 G

  9. Recently i have upgraded my amd graphics to vs 17.11.1 and in that there is no amd additional setting in the preferences how can solve that thak you


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