How to Setup External Graphics Card on a Laptop for CHEAP !! – eGPU Tutorial (2019)


Put a desktop graphics card on your laptop to play new games on your old laptop !! Yes guys this video is about how to setup an external graphics card for a laptop using the magical product called “EXP GDC Graphics Card Dock” , this device will turn your old laptop into a gaming machine. Below are the list of items you need to buy before doing this setup:

▶▶ all Product Links and Instructions : (Coupon Included)


buy here

▶▶ Exp Gdc [NGFF Version] : (Banggood)
▶▶ Exp Gdc [NGFF Version] : (Amazon)

▶▶ Exp Gdc [Mini PCIe Version] : (Banggood)

▶▶ My Trusted GPU 1 GTX 750ti :
▶▶ My Trusted GPU 2 GTX 1060 :

▶▶ Cheap Power Supply:
▶▶ Branded Power Supply:

▶▶ Wireless USB Adapter:
▶▶ Wireless Keyboard Mouse:

This whole setup is based on Lenovo laptop , i am using lenovo g50-70 and Gtx 760 Graphics card as a example. But you can install it on any laptop with the correct settings and compatibility. Below are some settings for different laptops brand:

— Lenovo, Acer: BIOS-Graphic Device-UMA(Graphic Mode-Integrated),PXE Boot to LAN(Network Boot)-Disabled。

— THINKPAD: BIOS-Config-Display-Graphics device-Intergrated graphics.OS Detection for NVIDIA Optimus-Disabled

— Alienware, Clevo: BIOS-Primary display-IGFX or PCI

— HP, DELL:Boot Sequence-Onboard NIC untick,System Configuration-Integrated NIC- Disabled,Power Management-Wake on LAN/WLAN- Disabled

▶▶ What’s Inside this video and timing (INDEX):

– Types of egpu docks and their uses: 01:12

– External Graphics Card tutorial starts at: 04:53

– How to find WiFi LAN card inside Laptop: 05:35

– How to plug eGPU Cable in laptop: 06:31

– Lenovo Laptop Bios Settings for eGPU setup: 07:20

– Power Supply Settings for the setup: 08:09

– How to Check and Install Graphics Driver: 10:00

– How to make Nvidia Graphics default: 12:20

– How to connect internet without WiFi LAN card: 13:29

– Playing Fortnite with the Gtx 760 Graphics card: 14:23

– Playing PUBG with the egpu setup: 15:30

– Play games without external monitor: 16:08

– Playing Shadow of the tomb Raider: 17:38

– Playing Assassins Creed Odyssey: 18:57

– Which Exp GDC Version is supported by your laptop: 20:28

– Total Cost of egpu including PSU & GPU: 20:55

With the product you will get a egpu dock, NGFF Cable, Power Connector and a User manual with all instructions. But my video will help you to do the things step by step easier.

I already did a video on a Dell Laptop with different settings and using a Mini PCIe Version Exp GDC Graphics card Dock. You can Check out that video here:

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▶▶ eGPU Video on Lattepanda Alpha (SBC) :

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  1. Buy Exp Gdc GPU Dock Link + all possible answers: & still you have any question please comment below 🙂

  2. hi, it is very clearly explained ….. please tell if i can upgrade the preinstalled graphic card in levovo which is 2 gb and want to add 2gb more to it ?

  3. Great. You've explained everything I was looking for!
    I got a question, I'm thinking of using another 12v power adapter instead of a computer PSU. What's the required AMP for this device? 500W PSU will cost me a higher bill than a 60W power adapter. TIA!

  4. I have an amd processor(A9) can i just copy what you did here? I also got ngff version and plannig to buy a gtx 750ti.
    I have built in radeon r5 hraphics with a vram of 521mb.

  5. I have toshiba satellite c855-s5350… and having an external graphics card amd radeon hd 6670… can i do this on my laptop with this graphics card? please reply fast. then i will go for purchasing things

  6. Ok let me see my list

    – graphic card. Yep
    -wifi adaptor. No
    -N GFF adaptor. No.
    -power supply. No.

    Ok im going to the store brb


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