In this video you will see how we can set Nvidia Graphics card Control Panel settings to get maximum performance and FPS during game play.
This tutorial is applicable for all windows OS i.e. windows xp, vista,7, 8,8.1 and latest windows 10.

Video Summary :- 1) Go to control panel and select power options and choose power plan to High Performance.
2) Open Nvidia Control Panel and Under 3D settings select option “Adjust Image settings with preview” and on the right side select the option ” Use the advanced 3D image settings” and click on “Apply”
3) Click on Manage 3D settings and “Under global settings” press restore button once. Now change settings of “Multi display /mixed GPU acceleration” to Single display performance mode,” Power management mode” will go with ” Prefer maximum performance” and last ” Texture filtering-Quality” settings will change to High performance. Click on Apply to save the current settings.
4) Click on “Set PhyX configuration” and in the drop down list select your Nvidia graphics chip. Now exit out of the window.
5) Now open Geforce Experience.
and optimize the games as shown in the video

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  1. Hi, I have interruptions when playing a video and I don’t know what is the solution to the problem. Can you please give me a reply please

  2. i've no video, display and stereoscope options in nvidia control panel.. only 3D option how can i get this plz answer me!!!

  3. do NOT optimize game settings using nvidia experience, its trying to find best scenario between quality and perfomance which might not be optimal, always do it manually

  4. Another thing to consider is: do you need to remove input lag or to make your image to be more fluid? In case you need fluidity, vsync, triple buffering and stuff like that might just be the thing that solves your problem, aside increasing fps. Since i do not own a rtx, i cannot get more than 60 fps on my games (with 4k) and my tv runs on 60 fps, it is better to keep stuff like that on all time, so that everything matches the correct frame, at the correct time, avoiding stuttering and mismatching between UI layers.

  5. Heloo brother
    I have 2 gb nvdia mx 230
    With 8 gb ram
    I want to play gta 5 on my laptop
    But after install
    The game was lagg or hanging much can you please help me for solve this problem


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