How to set NVIDIA as default graphics card on your laptop! windows | mac


today i’am going to show you how to use NVIDIA gpu on your laptop to become default graphics card, as we know intel hd graphic are set to default gpu if we’re not setting nvidia as main gpu. so there few setting we need to change to set our gpu to nvidia as default graphic card! or main gpu / main vga.

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  1. how to set default gpu
    bro this dude doesn't even have his display set to default on his NVIDIA Gpu. Unbelievable lol. Using a display that's not even attached to his GPU.

  2. the GPU usage is still at 0% and the integrated one is at 50% while playing 4k video even after changing the settings. help?

  3. My laptop was supposedly built for gaming but it was slow. Now I realise it was running on the Intel integrated instead of the NVIDIA gpu. I'm figuring this out now and my laptop has decided to experience an error so I can't event open it until I switch out the hard drive. Fun

  4. now this doesnt work at all. You can literally disable your dedicated graphics card at device manager and you will then realize that your FPS isnt dropping at all. You can connect your laptop to an extra monitor and you will then see that the laptop screen is actually using the integrated graphics card instead of your dedicated one, however, the monitor which you have connected to is using your dedicated graphics card. if you are at this point you can disable your integrated card at device manager and u will then and only then see the full potential of your computer.

  5. Do i need a nvidia graphics card for this? if i do is it possible to do it with intel core – i3 only?

  6. Thanks just got a TUF FX505DT, I love the AMD APU GFX, but I run a lot of things that require Nvidia GFX to even work AT ALL, like a Hatsune Miku PD FT Arcade Port that is coded to only run on Nvidia Cards, but also some demanding emulators that require Nvidia GFX to run at their max performance like CEMU.


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